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You have it backwards. Valentine's Day is named after Saint Valentine of Rome and February 14 is his feast day.


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The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

Either one is fine People say Valentine's because the day was named after St. Valentine

St Valentine was named after noone. But St Valentines Day, that is names after the man himself.

The date that st valentine was canonized is unknown. records do not date back that far; saints were also not formally canonized during this time. (i am writing about the st valentine in which valentine's day was named for)

There are at least 10-14 Saints named Valentine. The most famous being St. Valentine of Rome whose feast day is February 14.

It is named after St. Valentine.

Because that was the month that St. Valentine was born in.

It was the day St. Valentine died thats all I know - Sydnie102

None. However, St. Valentine of Rome was martyred and the feast day is named for him. We do not know the date he died.

It is because st valentine died on february 14th

St. Valentine of Rome, a 3rd century priest, possibly a bishop, who was martyred.

a man named st valentines blelived in crist an evil wanted no one to belive in jesus when the king asked st valentines to not belive in crist valentine said no so he was killed so thats why valentins day got ites name

They celebrate St Valentines day because on that day St Valentine was beheaded for Marrying christian couples in a pagan kingdom.

The event was named as such because it occurred on St. Valentine's day.

St Valentine, The Patron Saint of Love.

Valentine's Day was named for St. Valentine, whose feast day is celebrated on February 14.

Valentine's Day is named for St. Valentine, whose feast day is celebrated on February 14.

Valentines Day dates from Ancient Rome. St. Valentine married soldiers who weren't allowed to marry while they were enlisted.

St Valentine, Patron Saint of Love.

St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love. <3

The first person to send a valentine was St. Valentine himself. The first person to design and commercially market valentines was Esther Howland.

St. Valentine of Rome did not pass out 'Valentines.' He did, however, give a letter to his friend, the daughter of his jailer, and signed it "From Your Valentine."

There are 14-15 saints named Valentine. The name Valentinus was a relatively common name in ancient Rome. The best known is St. Valentine of Rome.

In total there are 14 St Valentines, or to give them their Latin Name Valentinus.All were martyred in Ancient Rome.

On the 14th of February in about 270AD, a Christian Pope called St Valentine was beheaded by orders of Pagan King Claudius II for marrying Christians. Helping Christians was illegal. St Valentines day celebrates love in reconnection of his sacrifice.

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