The Game of Life

Why was The Game of Life invented?

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Who invented the game of life?

Ruben Klamer invented the first game of life in 1960.

When was the Game Boy invented?

the game boy was invented in 1950

When was the game of rugby invented?

The game of rugby was invented in 1750.

Who invented the bagatelle game?

Dr radwan omar invented this game

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

Who invented the Wii game?

marrow gene invented the Wii game

What was the game invented by french monks?

the french monks invented the game 'tennis'

Who invented the Wii game console?

who invented the nintendo wii game console ?

When was the first video game invented?

the first video game was invented in 1958

Why was the game of basketball invented?

because he was forced to invent a game that is played inside, so he invented the game of basketball

Who invented plants have life?

Jagdish chandra bose invented that plants have life.

What is a game invented by the American Indians?

The game of lacross is thought to have been invented by the Iroquois.

How old is the game Rugby and when was the game invented?

invented 12823 and formalised with rules in 1870

What is the person name that invented scramble the game?

the person name that invented scramble game

Who invented game cards?

Ferninad Magellan invented game cards! It's true!

Who invented Game Boy?

The person who invented the game boy is ... A man by the name of Gunpei Yokoi The person who invented the game boy is ... A man by the name of Gunpei Yokoi

Who invented the lifesuport?

Who invented the life support

Who invented the first Pong game?

Pong the video game was invented in 1972, it was invented by Allan Alcorn, but he handed the game to Nolan Bushnell so he can finish the game. All though it was the first game invented it has brought up some other ideas for other video games!!!

When was Marco Polo game invented?

it was invented in 1854

When was the game pong invented?

1971 no it was invented in 1972

Who invented the game rounders?

The game was invented in 1828 by John Newbery and William Clarke in London.

When was the first activated wii game invented?

Who invented the great Wii game? the person is a genious!

How was the Game Boy invented?

Gunpei Yokoi (1941 - 1997) invented the Nintendo Game Boy.

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