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From a practical standpoint, WWI was not a good war for Canada or any other nation. The fatalities for Canadians was 56, 000. All nations pay economic prices too, it takes tremendous time, money, and effort to put troops on the fronts, feed them and provide them with munitions, and get them to attack. However, there is an upside to Canada's involuntary service, which is that this is when we (and our Prime Minister Borden) made Canada legitimate, in a sense. It seems nations always have to be born in blood, and in Canada's case, we proved ourselves in WWI. It was at the Battle of Vimy Ridge (1916) where we proved ourselves. It was Canada's job to capture the ridge, and against all odds, the Canadians managed to take it. Our general, General Arthur Currie, becomes the only non-British general for our side. Then in 1919 at the Treaty of Versailles, Borden, our PM, insisted that we get our own seat at the table, independent from Britain. And lastly, in 1931, at the Statute of Westminster, partly because of our contribution to WWI, we were granted legal and constitutional independence. - IQ4U -

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Q: Why was World War 1 considered a bad war in Canada?
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