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Why was World War 2 considered the 'Good War' while Vietnam was considered the 'Bad War'?



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WWII was considered a "good war" because the Allied Powers were fighting against people perceived as "evil." Hitler is the prime example here. Also, as the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and brought America into the war, many Americans felt that they had to enlist and fight for their country. However, with Vietnam the US was not directly attacked. The Vietnam War was a result of a foreign policy of containment. What the US was trying to do was contain and prevent the spread of communism throughout the world. The differences between the US and the Viet Cong were mainly political in nature, as opposed to the perceived moral and ethical differences between the Allied Powers and Hitler in WWII. There was also the serious problems brought about by the religious differemces in the South. US politics was biased in favor of the Catholic minority which held the majority of the land, much of it owned by the church itself. This element alone was a major cause of the Civil War. Agrarian reform was essential, and much of the former colonial plantations were restricted to farming only by Catholics.