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Why was Ypres an important battle?

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It was an important battle. At the Second Battle of Ypres, the gas attack was effective, and that's why there are gas bombs today. =)

During WW1 there were 3 main battles fought at Ypres. It was a strategic strong point known as the Yrpes Salient. This means that it stuck out into the German's front line. This was a highly important position to defend for the British/Allied forces and one that the Germans wanted. In the first battle of Ypres, the British captured the town and reoccupied the lost ground. In the 2nd battle from April 22 to May 25, 1915, the Germans made a great attack using gas for the first time in an attempt to retake Ypres. The final battle of Ypres, better known as Passchendale, took place between the 21st of July and the 6th of November, 1917. The 36th Ulstur Division lost many men here and fought with outstanding bravery along with all commonwealth troops. The Meningate stands as a mounument to all the soldiers who died in battle.

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Passchendaele was just near Ypres. And so is Wikipedia :P Also I just spellchecked that whole paragraph above.

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What is the ypres battle?

penis lol but it was avery important battle in 1914,1915, and 1917

What has the author John Giles written?

John Giles has written: 'The Ypres Salient' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Ypres, 1st Battle of, 1914, Ypres, 1st Battle of, Ieper, Belgium, 1914, Ypres, 2d Battle of, 1915, Ypres, 2nd Battle of, Ieper, Belgium, 1915, Ypres, 3d Battle of, 1917, Ypres, 3rd Battle of, Ieper, Belgium, 1917

Where did the Battle of Ypres take place?

The battle of Ypres toook place in France

When did First Battle of Ypres happen?

First Battle of Ypres happened in 1914.

Who and how many people died in the ypres battle?

50,000 People died in the Battle of Ypres

When did Fifth Battle of Ypres happen?

Fifth Battle of Ypres happened on 1918-10-02.

When did Second Battle of Ypres happen?

Second Battle of Ypres happened on 25-04-22.

What were the 4 most important battles of World War 1?

The four most important battles were Battle of Verdun Battle of The Somme Battle of Ypres And the 1918 Battle of Amiens

When did the battle of ypres in ww1 start and end?

There were 5 battles of Ypres during WW1.Here are the dates for all 5 battlesFirst Battle of Ypres: October 19 - November 22, 1914Second Battle of Ypres: April 22 - May 15, 1915Third Battle of Ypres: July 31 - November 6, 1917Fourth Battle of Ypres: April 9 - April 29, 1918Fifth Battle of Ypres: September 28 - October 2, 1918

Who won the battle of ypres?

British, Canadian, ANZAC and French forces won the major battle at Ypres.

When did the second battle of ypres end?

May 25, 1915: Second Battle of Ypres ends in Bellewaarde

Where did the battle of ypres occurred?

Ypres occured near the city of Ypres in Belgium, mere miles from France.

Why was the battle of the Somme in Ypres?

It wasn't. The Somme was in France. Ypres was in Belgium.

Where did the Third Battle of Ypres take place?

Ypres is a city in south Belgium; the most intense part of the battle was fought for Passchendaele ridge which is near Ypres.

What was the Ypres battle?

it was a battle that happened with your mom

When was the third battle of Ypres won?

The Third Battle of Ypres, also known as the Battle of Passchendaele ended on November 6, 1917.

When did the battle of ypres end?

There were three battles of Ypres in World War I:The First Battle of Ypres: October 19, 1914 to November 13, 1914 (Allied Victory)The Second Battle of Ypres: April 22, 1915 to May 25, 1915 (Indecisive)The Third Battle of Ypres: July 11, 1917 to November 10, 1917 (Mixed Victory)

How many people died in the battle of ypres?

I assume that you are talking about the second battle) 6,000 people died at Ypres.

What happened in the battle of ypres?

The battle of Ypres was fought with Dubois in charge. The battle took place in the last few days of October. The Allies won the battle.

What was the name of the second battle of Ypres?

Battle of Passchendaele (July 31 - November 6, 1917) also known as the Third Battle of Ypres

What date did the first battle of ypres end?

the end of the ypres ended in 2001 =]

How many died during the ypres battle?

First Battle of Ypres:50,000-85,000 French soldiers21,000 Belgian soldiers19,500 German soldiersSecond Battle of Ypres:70,000 Allied soldiers35,000 German soldiersBattle of Passchendaele (Third Battle of Ypres):Between 200,000-500,000 Allied soldiers (total figures are disputed)Between 250,000-400,000 German soldiersBattle of the Lys (Fourth Battle of Ypres):120,000 Allied soldiers120,000 German soldiersFifth Battle of Ypres:Exact figures not available. Proceeded by the Battle of Courtrai.

What was the purpose of the battle of ypres?

the purpose of this battle was to bibliotheque

What was the significance of the first battle of Ypres?

the significances of the 1st battle of Ypres ishalt of German advance, to hold 3.5km of the line

What technology was used in the battle of ypres?

The new technologies used in the Battle of Ypres was poisonous gas, and larger cannons and guns.