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The harbor was God's work, and since it was a good place for ships to stop, the city grew around it. The naval base came because the US Navy needed a homeport for its Western Pacific Fleet. (The attack was an attempt to eliminate that fleet so Japan could take the resources of Asia without opposition.) they used the harbor because it was one waY IN AND ONE WAY OUT. and it was easy to launch missions from there

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Q: Why was an American naval base built at Pearl Harbor?
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What did you learned about the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

what i learned about the bombing of pearl harbor is that Japanese attack pearl harbor because pearl harbor held the majority of the American naval.

Was Pearl Harbor a harbor or town?

Pearl Harbor was (and is) a harbor, and it was (and is) the location of a U.S. Naval Station that is named U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Why was the US naval base built at Pearl Harbor?

Not sure weiner

What was attacked in Pearl Harbor?

The American Pacific Naval Fleet.

When was Pearl Harbor build?

Pearl Harbor was a US Naval Base since 1887. It was named "Naval Station Hawaii" in 1900. The US Army's Fort Shafter was built in 1905.

Was Pearl Harbor really a military base?

It was a American Naval Base

Which country was responsible for bombing the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in 1941?


What are the different sides to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

Different sides? There are no different sides. Japan planned and executed an attack on the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.

What type of base was it that the US had at pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a naval base, and was classified as a lagoon harbor.

What did Pearl Harbor have to do with Jews?

Nothing. "Pearl Harbor" was a Japanese Attack on the United States naval base in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did not include Jews in their decision to attack Pearl Harbor nor were Jews engaged in the defense of Pearl Harbor, save for those Jews who were American soldiers on the base.

Where did the Pearl Harbor take place?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War took place at the city of Pearl, Oahu, Hawaii, whose harbor was (and still is) a major American naval base.

Why was the location for Pearl Harbor selected for a naval base?

pearl harbor was selected as a naval base because it had a perfect hemisphere defense zone .

What American naval base was bombed by the Japanese on December 7 1941?

Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i.

The concerns the Japanese had with how the army would be during Pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a Naval Operation.

Did the soldiers live in the Pearl Harbor naval base?

yes pearl harbor was the milatary base

The MAIN reason the attack at Pearl Harbor was so damaging is because at the time of the attack?

because it destroyed most of the American naval fleet which was lined up in Pearl Harbor.

When was Pearl Harbor Naval Station built?

The Pearl Harbor Naval Station, across Quarry Loch, was authorized in 1908. Dredging of the Pearl Harbor channel entrance began in 1910 and, on December 14, 1911, USS CALIFORNIA (CA 6) became the first warship to pass through the new channel into Pearl Harbor. Today, the Naval complex at Pearl Harbor serves as a major homeport and "pit stop of the Pacific" for the submarines and surface ships of the U.S. and Allied Pacific fleets. Naval Station Pearl Harbor had its beginning in 1912 as a receiving station located at Hospital Point. In 1940, the receiving station moved to the present Naval Station headquarters building. By 1954, ninety percent of the Navy

What Naval Station is in the Hawaiian Islands?

Pearl Harbor Naval Base.

Naval stations in the Hawaiian islands?

Pearl Harbor Naval Base.

What was a major historical event in Maine?

The Penobscot Bay Naval Battle of 1799 which was the worst American Naval loss until Pearl Harbor.

What did we use pearl harbor for?

Pearl Harbor was a naval and aerial base and was also used as training facility.

Major American Pacific naval base devastated in a surprise attack in December 1941?

Pearl Harbor

Who attacked the American naval base of Pearl Harbor?

The Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The attack was conducted by both aircraft and small submarines.

Who played a key role in Pearl Harbor battle?

pearl harbor was not really a battle is was more of an attack by the Japanese on the naval fleets that were stationed in pearl harbor.

Was Pearl Harbor a war?

Pearl Harbor, the place is a US naval base.Pearl Harbor, the event was a attack on the naval base by Japanese forces and triggered the entry of the US into WW2.

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