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His assassination (by Gavrilo Princip) is what triggered World War I.


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he was the archduke that got killed.....this was one of the biggest reasons world war 1 started

he was the heir to the Austria Hungary throne, but was assassinated, which started war

I don't know why, but a Serbian student shot him dead while he was traveling.

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinad of Austria-Hungary was the spark that ignited World War 1.

because of economic treatys other countries were forced to after Germany used the assasination of archduke ferdinad as a reson to go to war.

When the archduke was assasinated, Austria basically said, Serbia, you did it! Serbia said, no we didn't! Austria said, we'll fight you, with the Germans at our side. Then Serbia said, Fine! But we'll have Britain at our side! And that's how it began.

A Serbian terrorist group assassinated Austria-Hungary's Archduke Francis Ferdinad and his family. Bosnia(where Ferdinand was) was full of Serbs and other Slavs. They veiwed Austrians as foreign opressors. Gavrilo Princip shot the archduke. (he was part of the terrorist group the Black Hand)

AnswerThe assassination of Franz Ferdinad, Archduke of Austria, whilst touring Sarajevo, Bosnia. He and his wife Sophie were shot and killed by a Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo a organization called the black hand.

killed archduke franz Ferdinand

The assassination of the Archduke was important because it marked the start of WW1. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia[the assassins] and because of all the treaties the countries have, it turned into a world war.

Archduke Ferdinand was killed because he was an important Austro-Hungarian prince, and that empire controlled Serbia which had an independence Resistance group who felt that killing the Archduke would force the Austrians to give control of Serbia to the Serbians.

There is no title "Archduke of Britain"

No he kept raping in free time

Poggle the Lesser was a character from star wars not a real ww2 archduke he was in fact a archduke as you may have drawn from the name

It was Franz Ferdinand. It was important because once he had been killed the Austrians declared war on Serbia.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was archduke of Austria. He was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne.

assassination of Franz Ferdinad and his wife

I beileve that it was Ferdinad Magellan

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