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Establishment of New JerseyThe history of New Jersey is closely associated with the colonies established by the Dutch. The area was claimed by the Dutch due to the voyages of Henry Hudson, who sailed for the Netherlands. The Dutch established settlements near the present sites of Hoboken, Jersey City, and Gloucester. The Dutch colonies were later claimed by Great Britain in 1664 for industrial reasons. Grants to the land were given to Lord Berkeley and George Carteret. The land was divided into two sections, East and West Jersey. East Jersey, owned by Carteret, was purchased by William Penn and other members of the Quaker faith. Because there were so many landowners in the New Jersey area, the King of Great Britain declared New Jersey a separate colony from New York or Pennsylvania, but governmental powers were retained by the royal governor of New York, over New Jersey. In 1738, New Jersey was granted its own government under the royal governor, Lewis Morris. While there were still disputes between the areas of West and East Jersey, the Continental Congress declared New Jersey a separate state in June, 1776.

NJ statehood became official on December 18, 1787

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Q: Why was colonial New Jersey founded?
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