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Why was freedom of religion so important to the founders?

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Why did the founders think that freedom of religion was so important?

because it is protected by the first amendment.

Why did the US founding fathers believe freedom of religion was so important?

The emphasis is on the word freedom. Freedom of religion guarantees that religious persecution does not exist. At least, that is the ideal. The founders were aware that many came to North America to escape the religious persecution they were facing in Europe.

Why was freedom of religion important to the colonists?

They were leaving Europe because of religoius opression, so freedom of religion woulb be important to them. If they didnt have freedom of religion they would be just like Britian, the country they were leaving.

Why was freedom of religion so important to framers?

Many people had came to America seeking that freedom

Why is the first amendment so important to American citizen?

It gives people the freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech.

Why was the bill of rights so important to history?

the bill was important because it gave Americans freedoms such as the freedom of speech, freedom of religion...

Why is freedom of religion important?

Freedom of religion is important because people must have the right to believe and trust in their own religion.AnswerReligion without freedom of or from religion is tyranny. This freedom is one of the most basic rights of man.AnswerPeople need to be able to worship; or to change religions such as when they do not feel safe in their religion, or they get interested in another religion's history so they decide to convert.

Is religion important for a state?

Opinions from contributors:No. Seperation of church and state.It is not important for "the state" (or country) since the government should not be interfering with religion or introducing religion into their laws.It may be important for individual citizens, especially when their government promises freedom of religion. However, not all governments offer this freedom. Many countries have integrated their religion into the government so tightly that there really is no freedom left at all.

What was so important that it was the first thing the framers listed in the Bill of Rights?

freedom of religion (apex)

Why is democracy so important?

So that people can have the freedom to do whatever they want(other than a few restriction's. In a democracy people have the right of freedom, speech,religion etc.

Why does the Constitutution protect the freedom of religion?

In England, their church was the Church of England, and you could not have freedom of religion. Freedom of religion is protected so that people could practice their own religion, whether it be Christianity, Islam, or no religion at all.

Why is the First Amendment the most important?

when the citizens came over from England they didn't like their religion so the framers wanted their people to have the freedom to choose religion and the right to petition and the right to trial by jury and write what they want in the press and freedom of Assembly So, overall: The first Amendment is important because it ensures the right of religious and Political freedom.

What you freedom of religion?

Every nation and location deserves freedom of religion so people can live without persecution.

Was there freedom of religion in colonel new jersey?

they had no religion so they can ethier worship or not

Who is the founder of Chinese religion?

There are many different religions in China so there are many different founders.

Founder of Hindu religion?

The Hindu religions are very old religion . So nobody know who was the founder . But maybe the VEDIC MASTERS can be the founders .

What are 3 human rights which are so basic they cannot be taken away?

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press

What is the most important amendment?

AnswerI think it is the first Amendment. Because it is about the freedom speech, religion. So you can say and do whatever you like and want.Answer:Well, even if you had freedom of speech, if you have no rights in court, then you can be convicted anyway. So i say 5th.

Why is Buddhism so important?

Buddhism was so important because no other religion was like it and it was an individual religion

Why are the pilgrims so important in the history of the US?

The Pilgrims' stated purposes for their migration such as having freedom of religion, building a model "city on a hill, etc.

What religion did Andrew Jackson believe in?

Deism. A belief in God on the basis of Reason alone, while simultaneously being a rejection of supernatural revelation. Christianity being a revealed religion. I believe the Founders wanted there to be no "official" religion in this new country, and to ensure people could worship as they saw fit. The Freedom of Religion guaranteed in the First Amendment also guarantees no religion will be forced upon anyone. This was in reaction to the strict requirements of life in England under the Church of England at the time. So basically, the Founders believed in God in a no-particular-religion-implied sort of way.

Why is freedom of religion an important right?

The first amendment forbids Congress from making any "laws respecting an establishment of religion". Morever, people come to America to believe in what they do and follow their religion without anyone forbidding them to do so. -Mishka<3

Was the US founded so the people could be free to expand and seek out the limits of religious lies without consequence or fear of death?

Nothing so clearly biased. Among the principles the Founders laid down were the freedom from a state church, so people could embrace or reject religion.

Could the United States be a free country without freedom of religion?

No. It is a contradiction in terms to think of freedom without freedom of religion, just as it would be a contradiction in terms to think of freedom without freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and so on. Freedom means not having to follow any one religion, nor having the values of any one religion imposed on society at large.

Rhode Island religion 1600s?

Roger Williams got banned from Massachusetts Bay Colony because of his religious beliefs so when he landed in Rhode Island, he declared his colony for freedom of religion. So, Rhode Island's religion in the 1600's was freedom, any religion that you wanted.