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in the book lawn boy returns laen boys name is just lawn boy

The books, "Lawn Boy" and "Lawn Boy Returns" are written by author Gary Paulsen.

I personally think the Lawn Boy, Arnold, Joey Pow and Pasqual.

the book the lawn boy takes place in area 51 at the year of 2025 at a place called nuketown 2025

He didn't have money so head to cut people's lawn

is that you can have a job at any age.

He is one of the main characters.

to help their parents instead oneslef

He doednt have a name yes, actually he did in the back of the book it was duane

He does not have a name SORRY ;( the book does not say his name

im sorry for that answer but ill get back to you on that.....

It is the lawn boy, though he does not have a name

Lawn-Boy is owned by Toro, and I think the factory is in Alabama.

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Lawn Boy was created on 1990-09-21.

i honestly don't think there is one.sorry and it doesn't tell you in the book

It takes place at a time and place. Clue look in the front of the book and the back of the book.

Lawn Boy is a realistic fiction novel.

Well, the climax is an important event of a story. But I have never read that book.

Zed, Lawn Boy, Grandma, Joey, Mom and Dad, Kenny, Arnold, Allen

The Lawn-Boy brand has a long-standing tradition of making it easy for homeowners to care for their yards. Pioneered with determination and imagination, the Lawn-Boy walk power mower has been revered for its quality through the decades. Today, Lawn-Boy continues to look for, and find, ways to help homeowners around the world care for their lawns.

Lawn Boy is 96 pages long. It is written by Gary Paulsen. It is about a boy that makes a business mowing lawns.

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