Why was hydrogen used in the Hindenburg?

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Helium was initially selected for the lifting gas because it was the safest to use in airships, as it is not flammable. At the time it was extremely expensive, and was only available from natural gas reserves in the United States. Hydrogen, by comparison, could be cheaply produced by any industrialized nation and had more lift. American rigid airships using helium were forced to conserve the gas at all costs and this hampered their operation. While a hydrogen-filled ship could routinely vent gas as necessary, a helium-filled ship had to resort to dynamic force if it was too light to descend, a measure that took a toll on its structure.
Despite a U.S. ban on helium exports, the Germans designed the ship to use the gas in the belief that the ban would be lifted; when the designers learned that the ban was to remain in place, they were forced to re-engineer the Hindenburg to use hydrogen for lift. Despite the danger of using flammable hydrogen, no alternative gases that could provide sufficient lift could be produced in sufficient quantities. One beneficial side effect of employing hydrogen was that more passenger cabins could be added. The Germans' long history of flying hydrogen-filled passenger airships without a single injury or fatality engendered a widely held belief they had mastered the safe use of hydrogen. The Hindenburg's first season performance appeared to demonstrate this.
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What is Hindenburg?

Paul von Hindenburg was a German General of World War I who became the President of Germany. His successor was Adolf Hitler. Hindenburg is the name of the a large Zeppelin airships that carried passengers, mail, and freight between in first flight in March, 1936 and its destruction by fire on May ( Full Answer )

Who is Hindenburg?

Answer . Paul von Hindenburg was a German General during the 1st World War. He was a great General and won many battles. He eventually became President of Germany in 1932. Because he was quite elderly by then and senile, he became afraid of civil war in Germany. He appointed Hitler Chancello ( Full Answer )

What was the Hindenburg and what did it do?

The Hindenburg was the name given to the largest airship, LZ129,operated by Germany for trans-Atlantic flights. It was over 800feet long and contained enough room for passengers, cargo and crew.It completed over 30 trans-Atlantic passenger flights beforecrashing at Lakehurst, NJ in May, 1937. It use ( Full Answer )

How is hydrogen used?

hydrogen is used for cars Hydrogen is also used for air crafts and to power buildings Answer # 2 History tells us that Hydrogen gas was used for lifting in balloons, today they are using Nickel hydrogen in batteries. Please see related link below!

What is hydrogen used in?

Answer . Largest industrial use of hydrogen is in the production of ammonia (NH3).. Answer . it is used in many things.. in biochemistry, when sugars act s oxidising agents, they themselves become reduced, the result is that they form alcohols. the reagent is hydrogen.. D-glucose + H 2 to ( Full Answer )

What is a flammable element used to fill the Hindenburg?

Hydrogen. There is some dispute as to whether and to what degree the hydrogen caused and/or contributed to the Hindenburg disaster. The paint coating the outer skin of the airship was also highly flammable, containing powdered aluminum. Powdered aluminum is a major component of solid rocket fuel.An ( Full Answer )

Why was hydrogen used to fill the Hindenburg?

The Hindenburg was originally intended to be filled with helium, but a United States military embargo on helium forced the Germans to modify the design of the ship to use highly flammable hydrogen as the lift gas. (At the time the USA was the only country that could produce helium in the amounts req ( Full Answer )

How can hydrogen be used?

It's a flameable gas and can be used as fuel in a vehicle. In it's liquid form, it's very cold and used to freeze things.

When was hydrogen first used?

hydrogen was first exploited as a fuel in. Aviation in the 1920's and 30's. German engineers used it as a Booster fuel in the zeppelins" (page 182 of the hydrogen economy by Jeremy Rifkin).. hydrogen was first exploited as a fuel in. Aviation in the 1920's and 30's. German engineers used it as a ( Full Answer )

How is hydrogen peroxide used?

Commanly used as an antiseptic. Can be used (with water) to get out miscellaneous stains, and can also be used (with water) to heal gums when swirled in the mouth.

What was the Hindenburg used as?

The airship LZ-129 Hindenburg was used for passenger, mail, and freight transportation, mainly between Germany and the United States, with additional flights between Germany and South America. Hindenburg was the fastest way for passengers and mail to cross the Atlantic at the time; the airship cross ( Full Answer )

What is hydrogen used for?

hydrogen is used to make up science & social study An additional and extremely important use is in the Haber process: N2 + 3H2 2NH3 This process produces the ammonia that is used in fertilizers and explosives. Without this process, we would not be able to support as large a population as ( Full Answer )

How hydrogen is used in hydrogen cars?

A hydrogen car uses a fuel cell to convert hydrogen (from a tank) and oxygen (from the atmosphere) into electricity and water. The electricity powers electric motors, which drive the wheels.

What was the Hindenburg air ship used for?

the Hindenburg was supposed to carry passengers and mail across the Atlantic but the terrible tragedy at Lakeland, N.J. put that idea on the shelf.

How and where is hydrogen used?

It is used in Fertilisers, Rocket Fuel (liquid hydrogen), converting vegetable oil into margarine, to make hydrochloric acid.

Is hydrogen useful?

yes, hydrogen is what makes up water and without water there would be no humans beings on the earth

Why was the Hindenburg filled with hydrogen?

Because at the time The USA was the only country that could produce helium in the amounts required. and the US refused to allow the sale of it to the germans.

Which gas was used by mistake in the Hindenburg?

Hydrogen gas was used in the Hindenburg - not by mistake, but because the United States, then the world's only supplier of Helium gas, would not sell it to Germany. The Hindenburg was originally intended to be filled with helium, but a United States military embargo on helium forced the Germans to m ( Full Answer )

What was hydrogen used for?

It was used for making cars run more smoothly in the olden days even though it is still used today.

Hydrogen and its uses?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and it most commonly used in fertiliser.

How much hydrogen was in the Hindenburg?

The Hindenburg had a maximum gas capacity of 7,062,000 cubic feet of hydrogen. Only about 5.5 to 6 million cubic feet were still aboard when the ship crashed (the rest having been valved during her transatlantic crossing from Germany to America).

What do they use hydrogen for?

Hydrogen bombs. And there is hydrogen in something we like to call H2O or water if you didnt know that.

Why is Hydrogen Useful to us?

It can fuel cars (hydrogen fuel cell), can be used as a ferilizer, and can convert materials into other ones like vegatable oil into margarine.

Why was hydrogen used on the hindenburg?

The Helium Control Act (1927) controlled the export of heliumoutside of the United States. At that time, the US had a productionmonopoly on the gas. A secondary factor was the cost of helium dueto the general scarcity of supply.

Why was helium used in the hindenburg?

It wasn't. . The US was the biggest producer of helium, and didn't want tosell any to Germany. . So they used Hydrogen, which is also light, but veryflammable.

Why was hydrogen used in Hindenburg?

Hydrogen gas is only 7% as dense as atmospheric air, and is as half as dense as helium gas. As a result, a suitable container, such as a balloon, has a significant boyancy force in air when filled with hydrogen. The Hindenburg, and other airships of its time, had large bladders lashed to the airship ( Full Answer )

Why is copper not used in the preparation of hydrogen?

because above 400 degree celsius copper copper reacts with sulphur and turns into cupric sulphate which forms a thin layer in the vessel ..... so copper cannot be used in preparing hydrogen ...

Explain why hydrogen can be used as fuel?

because it is being already used.... hydrogen is flammable and you can convert that energy to move your vehicle. but i think it is not safe to use hydrogen as fuel since its highly, highly flammable. Hydrogen (H 2 ) releases energy when it is combined with oxygen; however in practice, production ( Full Answer )

What is the use of hydrogen sulfide?

It was used as a dangerous gas in World War I It also can be used to decrease the body's metabolic rate, inducing the body in a form of suspended animation.

Is hydrogen used in photosynthesis?

Yes H is used to produce carbohydrate. This is from wikipedia The general equation for photosynthesis is therefore:. 2n CO 2 + 2n H 2 O + photons → 2(CH 2 O) n + n O 2 + 2n A . Carbon dioxide + electron donor + light energy → carbohydrate + oxygen + oxidized electron donor

Why didn't the US sell Germany helium for Hindenburg?

The United States had imposed a military embargo on helium against Germany. However: The gas used for lift was not the main culprit of the Hindenburg accident. The outer skin had been doped in compounds to water proof and reflect light. Unknown at the time was the combination of the two doping ( Full Answer )

What is hydrogen hydroxide used for?

Hydrgen hydroxide, also known as water, is often used as a solvent, cleaning agent, and coolant. It is also essential to all life.

Why is hydrogen used in rockets as a fuel?

The Hydrogen-Oxygen reaction is an extremely stable reaction. With many reactants (such as petrol) it is very difficult to calculate an accurate energy (and therefore thrust) output of the reaction. However the 2H2+O2 reaction has a very stable output thus reducing the errors in thrust calculations ( Full Answer )

Why hydrogen is used as rocket fuel?

Because it is highly flammable and will burn in air at a very wide range of concentrations. -------------------------------------- The main reason Liquid hydrogen is used in liquid rockets has to do with its energy density per unit weight.hydrogen and oxygen fuel has the best energy density vers ( Full Answer )

Why do we not use hydrogen?

Because it can be dangerous and we just cant be bothered to change everything to hydrogen power.

What did hydrogen used to be used for?

The only answer that comes to mind is "Airships". Hydrogen, the lightest element, was used in airships, where excess weight was undesirable. However, accidents like the Hindenburg disaster showed that Hydrogen gas was too dangerous(it is extremely flammable) to be used. Since then, Helium has been u ( Full Answer )

Why was hydrogen used to fill the lift cells on the LZ 129 Hindenburg?

The largest source of natural helium (a nonreactive lighter than air gas) at the time was in America. Germany was having difficult relations with America so did not have a ready supply of helium. They chose instead hydrogen (a reactive lighter than air gas) that they could produce themselves.

How did hydrogen make the Hindenburg rise?

The Hindenburg was a giant balloon airship filled with hydrogen gas for buoyancy. Hydrogen is the lightest of all gasses and has a mass of only half the mass of helium gas, so it worked well to lift the mass of the airship. The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday, May 6, 1937, and part of ( Full Answer )

What does hydrogen do for us?

Hydrogen, as the more frequently appearing atom in most organic chemicals, makes it possible for life to exist.

What is hydrogen us for?

Hydrogen is used mainly for processing hydrocarbons and for theproduction of ammonia which is used mainly for making fertiliser.

What characteristic of hydrogen caused the Hindenburg disaster?

Although hydrogen is an explosively flammable gas, indications arethat the fact that the baloon was filled with hydrogen was notreally much of a factor in the Hindenburg crash. Hydrogen burnsvery rapidly, and because of its density, flames would travelupwards, and be very short-lived. Most of the de ( Full Answer )