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Why was it called mummification?

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Where was mummification held?

The mummification process was held intemporary tent called "per nefers"

What was it called when they preserved pharaohs bodies?


What was the processed called to preserve their pharaohs?


What Is The Process Of Making Mummies Called?


What is the is the process of preparing a mummy called?


What is The Egyptian process of preserving the dead is called?

It is called the Mummification

What is mummy wrapping called?

When you wrap a mummy it is called the process of mummification

What is the process of preserving bodies called?

Embalming, or mummification. Both mean the same thing, but embalming is more on the general preserving bodies side than mummification. Mummification is mainly Egyptian.

The Egyptian process of preserving the dead is called?


What was the Egyptian process of preserving the dead called?


Where does the mummification process take place?

in a place called a 'ibu'

What was the process of preparing a pharaohs body for the death called?


During mummification what was the special container called that was used to hold the intestines?

it was called an canopic jar

Who was the Gods mummification?

the god called wontong was the god of cheese and pork

Why did egyptians perserve the body of a dead person?

A process called mummification.

The process by which the remains of an organism are preserved by drying is called?


What is it called when it is preserved in hot and dry conditions?

When something is preserved in hot and dry conditions, it is called "mummification".

Is the process of mummification also called embalming?

No, these two processes are quite different. Embalming is the process of putting chemicals into a deceased body to preserve it longer. Mummification is a process that is a step more than embalming, and is most known for it's use in Ancient Egypt. Mummification includes the removal of organs, embalming, and wrapping, respectively. This however, is the simplest explanation, or essence, of what mummification is. There are many more steps involved in mummification, but they vary depending on what type of mummification being researched.

What was the process called that Egyptians used to preserve their pharaohs bodies for the afterlife?


What was mummification made for?

mummification was originally made in Egypt for preserving their kings in their tombs for afterlife. Egyptians believed there was a cat goddess called Bastet, so they mummified cats too.

What is the process of getting mummies ready for burial called?

The process of taking a corpse and preparing it for burial is called mummification.

What words describe mummification?

Death, Wealth,Mummification

What is the modern name for mummification?

Mummification is the real name for it.

What is good sentence about mummification?

The mummification process is not quite complete.

The process of slowly drying a dead body to prevent it from rotting is called?

the answer is easy MUMMIFICATION

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