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Why was it called the Revolutionary War?

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Why was the Revolutionary War called the Revolutionary War?

cause of the revolution

What if America won the Revolutionary war?

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

What are some other names for the Revolutionary War?

One of the names for the Revolutionary War is called The War of Independence.

Why was the continental constitution called in the Revolutionary War?

The original constitution used during the Revolutionary War was called the Articles of Confederation.

What is a sentence for The Revolutionary War?

answer: The Revolutionary War also called the American Revolution began in 1775.

The Revolutionary War was also called the war of?


Why was the revolutionary was called the revolutionary war?

because it was a revolution against the king

What was the war with the New World and England called?

the revolutionary war

What was the war of 1812 actually called?

The second Revolutionary War

What was the war called between the Americans and the British?

The Revolutionary War.

What were the Americans called in the revolutionary war?


What pamphlet spark the American Revolutionary War?

The pamphlet that helped start the Revolutionary War was called "Common Sense".

What was a loyalist also called?

Loyalists were also called traitors during the revolutionary war and, were commonly tar and feathered when the colonists won the revolutionary war.

What was the war called 1776?

I assume you are referring to the american revolutionary war

What was the firs battle of the Revolutionary War called?

the french and Indian war

Why was the beginning of the revolutionary war called The shot heard around the world?

Because the revolutionary war changed the course of history. == ==

What best describes why James Monroe was called the last of the Revolutionary War generation?

He was the last president to have fought in the Revolutionary War.

What war was fought for inependence?

The American War for Indepence. Also called the Revolutionary War.

Website about the Revolutionary War About the revolutionary All the caused for the Revolutionary War Cause of Revolutionary War Causes of American Revolutionary War Causes of Revolutionary War Causes?


What were the colonists who opposed the revolutionary war called?


What was the period after the revolutionary war called?

The Critical Period

What was the Americans side in the revolutionary war called?


What was money called during the revolutionary war?


What were British Generals in the Revolutionary War called?


What were The Americans called before the Revolutionary War?

the parits

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