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Q: Why was king Khufu a jeirk?
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Why was king Khufu such a good ruler?

he was a jeirk

Who is king Khufu's dad?

king khufu's father was king Snefru

What age did king Khufu die?

King khufu was 41 when he died

Who was King Khufu married to?

king Khufu married queen hetepheres

How old was khufu when he became king?

king khufu was nine years old when he became king

What was the age of king Khufu when he died?

King Khufu died at the age of 44.

When did the Egyptians build Khufu?

Nobody BUILT Khufu! Khufu was an Egyptian king.

Where was King Khufu's tomb buried?

King Khufu was buried in his pyramid at the Giza Pyramids.

How was king Khufu education?

King Khufu's education was you guys shouldn't use

Who was KIng Khufu's mother?

The mother of the Pharaoh, King Khufu, was Queen Hetepheres I. She was married to King Sneferu, and her title was Mother of the King.

What age did king Khufu become king?

King Khufu ruled for twenty-five years and became king at age 16.

What are facts about king Khufu?

King Khufu had 24 child fifteen daughters and nine sons. :)

When was the King Khufu's pyramid built?

King Khufu's pyramid was built in 2577BC- 2560 BC

What king was the pyramid Khufu made for?

the great pyramids at Giza was the pyramid bult for king khufu

Did king Khufu build the pyramids?

In some sources they say that king khufu build the pyramids.

Who was king after King Khufu?

KING khafre

When was king Khufu founded?

i Don't know who Khufu is lol

What did Egypt accomplish under king khufu?

in honor of king khufu they built the great pyramid of khufu standing as the tallest thing in the world for a long time

Why did the Egyptians built the pyramids to king Khufu?

well king khufu paid the people who built the pyramid it took years. it was built as a burial place for Khufu.

How did King Khufu become pharaoh?

Khufu is the birth name of the fourth dynasty. King Khufu became pharaoh after the death of his father. It is unknown how long he reigned.

What did king khufu do?

king khufu ruled the lower Egypt and made plans to make new pyramids

What treasures did king khufu have?

King Khufu was an Egyptian pharaoh for whom the Great Pyramid at Giza was built for.

What are some major event during King Khufu's reign?

king Khufu constructed the great pyramid of Giza.

Where is king khufu's body?

King Khufu's body is now in a museum locked up tight in a glass case.

What did King Khufu do for a living?

King Khufu's job was to rule Egypt. He was also responsible for protecting Egypt from enemies.