Why was lipstick important?

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What is the plural of lipstick?


What are three sentences for the word lipstick?

You have too much lipstick on.I dropped my lipstick down the drain.The police are analysing the lipstick on the glass for DNA.

Can lipstick be recycled?

Yes, Lipstick can be recycled.

Pictures of lipstick?

if you just want pictures of lipstick, go to google images and search for " lipstick " there.

Where could pink lipstick be found?

I get mine at walmart - - - - - You can get pink lipstick anywhere lipstick is sold.

Do women wear lipstick or do they apply?

Women apply lipstick first. Lipstick enhances their facial expression.By this way, they both apply and wear lipstick.

Lipstick what does the shape of your lipstick tells about your personality?

Nothing. Go to walmart owned by McChubby Mama. There is lipstick there!

What is the thing that holds lipstick?

a lipstick holder or case

Is lipstick safe for the environment?

Some lipstick is made to be environmentally friendly. They are usually referred to as eco-friendly lipstick.

Is there a way to make lipstick mascara?

I am sure there is a way but would the lipstick mascara be a lipstick? Or would it be a unique mascara?

How do you put lipstick on?

apply the lipstick to your lips then rub them together

Do lipstick have fins?

i think if you mean by the cosmetic lipstick, than no

Does lipstick have seaweed in it?

There are traces of seaweed in lipstick, so yes.

Where did hazel bishop invent lipstick?

She invented lipstick in France.

When was Lipstick Jihad created?

Lipstick Jihad was created in 2005.

What does wearing lipstick mean?

It means that you're wearing lipstick

Can you use nude lipstick as a concealer?

No. Lipstick is too greasy for that.

When was Lipstick Building created?

Lipstick Building was created in 1986.

How do you say lipstick in french?

Lipstick = rouge à lèvresLipstick in French = rouge à lèvres en français

Do they kill fish for lipstick?

No, people do not kil fish for lipstick. Lipstick is made out of a completly different material. No fish involved.

Why would a person consider buying a lipstick case?

A lipstick case allows the owner to travel or be "on the go" with the lipstick. The owner does not have to worry about the lipstick staining other items, getting lost in a sea of items or getting broken. The case protects the lipstick.

What is the HS Code for Lipstick Base?

The HS code for lipstick base varies by the type of lipstick base being exported or imported. As of August 2013 the HS code for a clear lipstick base is 392235090 and the HS code for an empty lipstick base is 39235010.

What enzymes are in lipstick?

Lipstick may contain beeswax and herb extract.

What is something that women have lipstick on?

Most women wear lipstick on their lips.

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