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Medical knowledge was restricted by European universities. Although we have no real records of why this happened, it is fairly easy to guess that the university professors, who had renewed access to ancient texts, wanted to promote European science over Islamic, which was also available at the time. As a result, they took the stand that Aristotelian science was correct and anything that disagreed with it was wrong.

There were two great problems with this. The first was that by insisting on conformity to Aristotelian science, they prevented any progress going beyond Aristotelian science. The second was that the Islamic science, being dynamic, encouraged research and observation of empirical results, and so was superior. This situation ended when the Church stepped in by issuing the Condemnations of 1277. These made teaching the idea that Aristotle was always right a heresy, which effectively freed science from the strictures imposed by the universities.

Unfortunately for all, the thinkers European Renaissance, in their conscious attempt to resurrect the culture of ancient Rome, threw out much of the new science that had been developed in the Middle Ages. It took until the 19th century for Europe to recover to the point that physicians performed such simple tasks as washing their hands before operations, which had been standard practice in the Middle Ages.

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Why was medical knowledge lost in the middle ages?

Because it didn't exist

What were medical jobs in the middle ages?


What was the medical treatment in the middle ages?

Blood letting

How did the church control knowledge in the Middle Ages?

the ate chicken and fish

How was life in Europe before the middle ages?

Life in Europe prior to the Middle Ages was very restricted. Much of what the public was allowed to do was governed by the crown. Economically, society was very unstable.

Why were diseases so devastatung during the middle ages?

Because their medical knowledge was very basic, and so was their line of medicines. This meant that they didn't have the knowledge or tools to handle sickness that could have otherwise have been treated today

What medical treatment did the middle ages used?

They used leeches and bitched

What was the role of the church during the late middle ages?

religious and legal and medical

What do prince learn in Middle Ages?

In middle ages, a prince should actually has knowledge in economy, government and manners, military strategy so he should master sword techniques.

What was the education like in Middle ages?

The education and knowledge was really bad because they did not know much and in the medieval ages they where not a lot of school

During the middle ages enthusiasm had developed into putting knowledge into a coherent whole known as?


Who was galen?

Galen was a Greek doctor who worked in Rome in the 2nd century. his medical knowledge gradually dominated and was still used in the middle ages. he came up with the theory of opposites, he also believed in the four humors. :)

In the middle ages it was commonly believed that the seat of human intelligence was the heart?

Since the middle ages had no knowledge of the brain or its functions there were several ideas about intelligence and the soul. The heart was considered to be one of the places where these were located.

What was a explorers in a Middle Ages?

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

What is the third period of the middle ages called?

The third period of the Middle Ages was the Late Middle Ages. The first is called the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Age. The second period was the High Middle Ages.

Why is the middle ages called the medieval ages?

The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

What was constantine's education?

Constantine banned education during the Middle ages. Monasteries were the single place where knowledge was taught.

Was a page from the Middle Ages or renaissance?

Middle ages

What is a Middle Ages monk?

A monk from the middle ages

What time period was the middle ages?

Early Middle Ages 400 - 700, High Middle Ages 700 - 1300, Late Middle Ages 1300 -1500.

What period of time preceded the Middle Ages and what time period came after the Middle Ages?

Before the middle ages was Anquity (Greeks and Romans) and after the middle ages was the Renissance

What were the pros and cons of being a lady in the middle ages?

What are the pros and cons of being a lady in medical times

Why did middles ages show regress?

The middle ages showed regress in that a vast amount of human knowledge was lost, coupled with poorer living conditions for much of the world's population due to this loss of scientific knowledge, war and famine.

Knowledge of radioactivity would be useful for understanding which?

-finding ages of fossils -nuclear power plants -certain medical procedures

What did leaches heal in Medieval Times?

Leeches actually heal very little; there are few diseases which can be successfully treated by causing the patient to lose blood. Leeches were widely used in the middle ages for all kinds of medical problems for which they actually did no good, but in the absence of real medical knowledge and effective treatment, people make wild guesses and use ineffective treatment, on the principle that they have got to do something. Medical treatment in the middle ages almost always caused the sick patient to get worse, not better.