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Adolf Hitler became powerful because ordinary people looked for an easy way out of economic and social problems. Before Hitler became the sole head of the German state, the people of Germany were looking for way to restore economic and social harmony. Hitler promised both, but in turn they would have to give up some individual freedoms. Democracy died and national socialism was born. Big government provided all the necessities that the people wanted, but in turn no one was allowed to voice opposition to the only government party. Socialized medicine, socialzed workers, and cradle to grave care was provided by the big government, but at an enormous cost to individual dignity and freedom. As the supreme architect of this socialist state Hitler became the most powerful figure of the twenty-first century. His adventures into other countries eventually brought about his downfall. The German people forgot that there is no free lunch. In one form or another you will pay dearly for that which you get from any government. I assume you mean Hitler personally, rather than Germany. Hitler had many powerful leadership qualities, among them.... intensity, drive, energy, great memory, intelligence, emotional speaking voice, organizational ability. It is interesting to note than many such men came to power in the 1920's and 30's. A few of note would include Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Hirohito. In the USA, Roosevelt, while not a bloodthirsty tyrant, did have many of these qualities too. Also of interest, possibly Roosevelts greatest political threat was Hughy Long of Louisiana, who had these qualities in perhaps greater abundance than Roosevelt. Back to Hitler, he was also physically a very brave man and used this quality to gather much respect from the military. Had Hitler died before getting Germany into a major war I believe he would be remembered today as one of the great world leaders of the era.

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Q: Why was mitchell thurner able to become so powerful?
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