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Why was slave trade an issue at the constitutional convention?

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Slave trade became an important issue during the Constitutional Convention. Southern slaveholders did not want the Congress to take the power over slave trade while controlling foreign affairs. So they only let the Congress have power over trade, excluding slave trade, for next twenty years.

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The fundamental issue raised at the Constitutional Convention was?

The fundamental issue that was raised at the constitutional convention was slave trade and human rights abuses. Those were the issues that were strife then.

Which issue had the potential to end the Constitutional Convention without solving any problems?

slave trade

When did the constitutional convention say slave trade could be banned?

The Constitutional Convention said that congress could not ban slave trade until 1808.

A key issue of disagreement between the northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention was?

Counting slaves as part of the population and slave trade regulations.

What was the main issue the constitutional convention?

Slavery and Trade are two main topicsdiscussed at the Constitutional Convention, and also to make the Articles of Confederation stronger.

How many states still allowed the slave trade at the time of the constitutional convention?

All of them.

Commerce and slave trade compromise is an agreement during the constitutional convention protecting slave holders True Or False?


Did the delegates at the constitutional convention end the slave trade effective immediately following the ratification of the constitution?


The constitutional convention agreed that congress would not interfere with the . until 1808?

slave trade

Which of these issues had the potential to end the constitutional convention without solving any problem?

Slave Trade

What compromises took place at the constitutional convention?

great compromise.3/5 compromise and slave trade compromise

What did the northern and southern states agree on the slave trade?

During the Constitutional Convention the issue of slavery came to be a point of discussion. The Southern states which had slaves fought off attempts to abolish slavery. A compromise was made. It was agreed that the slave trade would end in twenty years.

Describe the Constitutional convention and Compromises?

The Constitutional convention and Compromises include the three-fifths compromise, the Great Compromise was between the small states, the Commerce Compromise, Slave Trade Compromise, and the election of the President.

What was the goal of the constitional convention?

The goal was to stabilize the government. the ways the did this is by solving the 3/5 compromise, the slave trade compromise, the debate over ratification, and the constitutional convention.

What was the slave-trade compromise?

The slave trade compromise was an agreement during the Constitutional Convention of 1787, protecting the interests of slaveholders, that forbid Congress the power to act on the slave trade for twenty years. This meant that slaves would be mostly a state power.

The issue of slavery at the constitution convention was actually about?

The constitution should prohibit the states from participating in the international slave trade.

What states were allies in 1778 at the constitutional convention?

none of them were "allies." But overall, it was big verses small states for slave trade and representation issues.

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slave trade?

The Constitutional Convention left the slave trade untaxed and untouched. Delegates from the southern States were naturally wary about the prospect of Congress being able to regulate America's interstate and foreign trade. They were afraid that the North would use its influence in Congress to levy taxes on the slave trade and the cotton trade. The delegates from the South pushed for, and won, a compromise on the matter: the Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise. This agreement made it so Congress could regulate interstate and foreign trade, but could not tax exports. This meant that cotton exports from the South would not be affected. In addition, Congress was forbidden from regulating the slave trade for 20 years.

Constitutional Convention and slavery?

they voted to wait 20 years before dealing with the issue, but they didnt deal with it for much longer than that EDIT: they said that the south would receive its slaves back if they were caught in the north, but that the govt owned the slave trade. the govt would stop the slave trade in 20 years. that was the agreement

What was the compromise of the Constitutional Convention?

In order to establish a new Constitution, many compromises had to be made at the Constitutional Convention. Some of the most important compromises to American history were the election of a president, slave trade, commerce compromise, and the three-fifths compromise.

What did they decide about the slave trade at the constitutional convention?

Slave trade wasn't really addressed, but in counting slaves as part of the population a slave was 3/4 of a person. The Southern states still depended on slaves ( VA slave population in 1790 was 35%) and this will grow when the cotton gin was invented.

What were the Northern and Southern positions in the Constitutional Convention on outlawing slave trade and how was it resolved?

this is off my book so... northerners agreed that congress could not outlaw the slave trade for at least 20 years. after that, congress could regulate the slave trade if it wished. northerners also agreed that no state could stop a fugitive slave from being returned to and owner who claimed that slave.

On what issue did the convention decide to delay action until 1808?

It was delayed because of the dispute how to count the enslaved people. it was because of the " Slave Trade".

What compromise was reached over the issue of slave trade?

The compromise that was reached over the issue of slave trade was "Three-Fifths Compromise's.

During the Critical Period the States taxed one anothers goods and banned some trade Later during the Constitutional Convention this economic chaos led to?

the commerce and slave trade compromise