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Why was so much of the death and destruction in World War 2 targeted at civilians?

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This is an interesting question and difficult to answer. I'm adding a link to the Wikipedia article on total war, though there's much in the article that I don't agree with. Obviously, part of the reason was the concept of 'total' war, which really goes back to WW1. It was no longer simply a matter of armies and navies fighting one another, but the entire industrial capacities of nations were pitted against one another. Workers in the armaments industries, transport industries and so on were also in the front line. Clearly, the devlopment of bomber aircraft was highly significant. However, the very highest casualties were on the Eastern Front in Europe, in the death camps and in the Far East and weren't directly related to the war of industrial capacities. So the issue isn't at all simple. Total War is a concept that the best way to defeat the enemy is to destroy his capacity and will to fight. Therefore, his factories, supplies and resources have to be destroyed and these were usually located near cities or were operated by civilian labors. General Tecumseh Sherman realized this when he began his "march to the sea" in the Civil War in 1864. General Sherman's army cut a path of destruction from Atlanta(the main manufacturing center of the Confederacy) thru Georgia to Savannah. This had the effect of discouraging the Confederate soldiers and made they fear for their families.

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What was the deadiest war?

About 16,000,000 troops from all participants were killed in both WW I and WW II so in that sense the death toll was about the same. What makes the big difference is that In WW II civilians in Germany, Japan, and England were targeted by the enemy and as a result 39,868,000 civilians died as a direct result of the war. That number does not include death camp deaths nor Stalin's purges.

What was the total civilian death toll in World War 2?

other 50 million other 45 million allies civilians other 5 million axis civilians This is because the Soviets killed 21 million of it own civilians

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