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Q: Why was surgery so risky during Lister's lifetime?
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How risky is ophthalmologic surgery?

Complications may occur during any surgery. Ophthalmologic surgery, however, is usually very safe.

Is glaucoma surgery risky at all?

Almost every surgery poses as a risk to the person getting operated on. They definitely have to be careful during any type of surgery, even if it is minor.

Is endoscopic back surgery risky?

There are risks with any kind of surgery that is performed. All of the risks will be presented to you that are specific to your type of back surgery. Endoscopic surgery is generally less risky than traditional surgery. If anesthesia is being used that can cause complications in and of itself.

Is a gallbladder surgery risky?

There is almost no risk in gall bladder surgery. You are in safe hands.

Is pancreatic surgery risky?

Yes it does carry a high risk

How risky is it to get surgery for spinal stenosis?

There are risks involved with any surgery, however, back surgerys are especially risky because of possible spinal cord injury. You need to weigh the risks and benefits with your doctor before proceeding.

What is minimally invasive surgery Pros and cons?

Yes, a minimally invasive surgery just means that it is not as risky or time consuming as a full on surgery. It should be effective and the price depends on the surgery.

Can you have surgery while recovering from another surgery?

Most likely not. It is often risky but some doctors will allow it if they think it is safe!!

Can you have heart surgery if you have cirrhosis?

No. It will be too risky. But then your surgeon is the best judge.

Why would duodenal switch surgery be performed?

Duodenal switch surgery is a surgery that involves very specific modification of the digestive system. This surgery is primarily performed on patients that wish to lose weight, and is often a very risky surgery.

Which is more risky heart surgery or brain surgery?

Brain surgery is more riskier it is just my hunch my gut feelilngs surgeons can transplant a heart but to date cannot transplant a brain.

How risky is hemorrhoid surgery?

That depends on the actual hemorrhoid and how long you have had it. The doctor should be able to discuss the procedure with you before surgery and tell you all of the risks

Where can one find information on Wavefront surgery?

"According to the wavefrontsurgery dot org web page, Wavefront surgery is a variation of Lasik where the surgery is performed in layers and is supposed to be more accurate and less risky than regular Lasik surgery."

Is cholecystectomy a risky surgery?

No. It is a fairly straightforward procedure. The risks of a cholecystectomy are essentially the risks of anesthesia.

What are the risks involved in refractive surgery?

There are many risks to any kind of surgery. Refractive surgery is very risky and you can end up having deformed limbs and even loss of use from the area being operated on.

Has Kenny Rogers had plastic surgery?

Yes he has But he has stated that he wont do it again because its risky at his age...72

Are any of the gastric bypass procedures done with no surgery?

No there isn't. I recommend you go on a healthy diet and exercise a lot because that surgery is very risky and there can be quite a few complications.

What is the difference between surgery now and surgery 300 years ago?

Surgeries 300 years ago were much more risky because the doctors did not have the knowledge of medicine and the human body that doctors today do. Surgeries were performed in non-sterile conditions and it was often a guessing game. Also, patients were not under anesthetic and many died during surgery or very quickly after because of loss of blood or infection.

Why was overseas trade risky?

during Egypt

How many twins did Ben Carson separate?

He separated 2 twins that was stuck together and the surgery was very risky.

Where can I find advice on bariatric surgery gastric bypass?

I do not recommend you try this surgery. It is very risky and has a lot of complications. For advice on that matter I suggest you contact your doctor or a local hospital and they will answer all of your questions.

What exactly is gastric bypass sleeve surgery?

The gastric bypass sleeve surgery removes 85% of your stomach and the remaining shape is like a sleeve. It makes you feel fuller faster. It is not very invasing but can be risky.

Can a brain tumor be removed by surgery?

Yes according to doctor martin it can be removed however it is risky if the Surgeon doesn't know what he is doing!

What precautions should be observed with joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery should not be done on patients with infection, or any heart, kidney or lung problems that would make it risky to undergo general anesthesia.

Is it bad taking exctasy a week after sinus surgery?

Er, well, yes, I'd imagine that taking ecstasy as an unperscribed drug is ALWAYS a bad thing... But yes, taking any type of drug, including ecstasy, is especially risky and unhealthy after a surgery, such as a sinus surgery.