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In my opinion, ALL Corvettes are special in their own way. However, there were special differences in the 1977 Corvette. One major difference was that the 1977 Corvette was not a Stingray, although it is very similar to the 1976 Stingray that it replaced. 49,213 Corvettes were sold in 1977. Inside the car, the console was redesigned for '77, allowing it to hold standard Delco radios. Also, the steering wheel was about two inches closer to the instrument panel, making getting in and out easier and giving a more comfortable driving position. A "multi-functional" control lever was included on the steering column, and operated the headlight dimmer switch and the windshield wiper system. Leather seats were also standard for the first time in a Corvette in 1977 (but you could order seats with cloth and leather). On the outside, a luggage rack was added so that t-tops could be stored there and free up interior cargo room. A new Corvette logo with crossed flags was used this year. A thinner pillar between the windshield and side glass made the glass look more integrated with the rest of the car.
Among other interesting facts about the 1977 Corvette, this was the first year for AM/FM stereo with a tape player and cruise control (if you had an automatic transmission). Glass tops were supposed to be offered in '77, but were postponed until the following year. The optional "performance" engine for the 1977 was the L-82, making 210 horsepower. Engine paint color changed mid-year, with early 1977 engines being painted Chevrolet orange and later 77's being painted blue. Next year (1978) would mark the Corvette's 25th anniversary, and would be commemorated with the Silver Anniversary cars.
I hope that this helped to answer your question! There is so much more information that can be found about individual years of Corvettes, but I just tried to include information that struck me as major and relevant.


Corvette Black Book: 1953 - 2008 by Mike Antonick; published by Motorbooks

Mike Yager's Corvette Bible by Mike Yager; published by Krause Publications, 2007

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What is a 1977 Corvette?

A Corvette that was built in late 1976 up to late 1977.

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Spark plug gap for a 1977 Corvette using ACDelco R45TS is .035

Do you have a diagram of a 1977 corvette horn assembly?

You can find a diagram of a 1977 Corvette horn assembly at your local library. Look in the car repair section for a Corvette repair book.

Is 1977 Corvette a stingray?

No, the last year for the Corvette to be called a Stingray was in 1976.

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Yes, the headlights should be completely identical.

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How much did a Corvette cost in 1977?

I think $8500

1977 Corvette where is fuse box?

The fuse box in the 1977 corvette is on the outside wall under the dash on the drivers side - about as far up in the corner as they could put it.

What is the ignition timing for a 1977 corvette 350 LS?

The 1977 Corvette 350 LS has ignition timing standard in this model. The purpose of the ignition timing is to help start the car in synchrony.

Fuse box location on a 1977 Corvette?

The fuse box on a 1977 corvette is located at the top of the kick panel on the drivers side. It is just below the dash on the outside wall............7T77T7

What is the difference between a Corvette roadster and a Corvette stingray?

A roadster is a convertible. The Stingray was the 1969-1977 Corvette model. The 1968 was the same body style, but was not called Stingray.

Will 2001 Corvette wheels go on 1977 Corvette?

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What did a New Jersey couple try to trade for a 1977 corvette?

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Horsepower is not a unit of mass.

Is there a 650 hp special corvette coming out this summer?

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Does a 1977 Corvette have fuel injection?

Every Corvette since the first one has fuel injection. Corvette was the first fuel injected automobile in the US. Every Corvette since the first one has fuel injection. Corvette was the first fuel injected automobile in the US.

Is the 1977 Corvette a stingray?

The Stingray name was droped for the production year 1977 and never returned. I have a 19977 Corvette born October 1976 and has Stingray on the Body Pannel's. I have tried to find out if this is correct and have been unable to.

Will carpet from a 1980 Corvette fit a 1977 Corvette?

The rear portion may have to be modified (underneath the rear window), but it should work otherwise.

Who had the 1977 corvette in chartreuse and where do you get the color formula?

Jimi Hendrix had it for a consert in Miami

What was the fastest us production car in 1977?

The L82 manual corvette at 133mph