Why was the Alamo chosen as a battle site?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Why was the Alamo chosen as a battle site?
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Is The Alamo a Texas battle site for the Texas revolution?

Yes the Alamo is one of the battle sites during the Texas revolution.

What State was a famous battle was fought at site of this mission in 1836?

Texas : the Battle of the Alamo .

What is the Alamo most famous for?

It is famous as the site of the Battle of the Alamo in the Texas war for Independence against Mexico.

What was the name of an important battle in Texas?

The Battle of the Alamo, the birth of Texas' liberty.

Name this historical mission which is located in San Antonio and was the site of a famous battle?

the Alamo.

Where did the Alamo battle happen at?

The Battle of the Alamo begain in 1836 in San Antonio.

What 5 Texans won battle of Alamo?

Texas lost the Battle of the Alamo.

Where was the battle of Alamo fought?

The Battle of the Alamo was fought at the Alamo Mission in what is now San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Were did the battle of the Alamo occur?

The Battle of the Alamo occured in the Alamo, an old church in San Antonio being used as a fort

What was the Site of defeat of Mexicans by 120 Texans in a brief battle?

The Alamo (Texians lost; not the other way around)

What did Juan seguin do at the almo?

Juan Seguin joined William B. Travis on February 23, in the battle of the Alamo. Although serving at the Alamo, during the thirteen day siege, he did not actually participate in the final battle of the Alamo. Because Seguín spoke some English and Spanish, he was chosen to carry the Alamo message through enemy lines that the Texans "shall never surrender or retreat."

What battle followed the Battle of the Alamo?

The battle at Goliad