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because the mexicans wanted to use it as a base

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Q: Why was the Alamo considered a crossroads for siege?
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Which event took place during the revolution of era?

siege of the alamo

When did the Alamo stop?

The Battle of the Alamo ended after twelve days of siege followed by a one hour attack on 6 March 1836.

Who was in charge of the Mexican army of the siege of the Alamo?

Santa Anna.

What were the battles at the Alamo?

Was 12 days of siege and one hour of battle.

What year did the Alamo begin in?

The siege began on 23 February and was over on 6 March 1836,

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Is the siege at bexar the same as the Alamo?


What are the release dates for The Siege and Fall of the Alamo - 1914?

The cast of The Siege and Fall of the Alamo - 1914 includes: Ray Myers

Who long was the siege of the Alamo?

Thirteen days.

Texan mission site of 1836 siege?

April 21, 1836. Battle of San Jacinto in Harris county. It is near present day La Porte, Tx.

When was Santa Anna fighting at the Alamo?

The Siege of the Alamo was from 23 February until 6 March 1836.

Did William travis write a letter?

yes he did in the siege of the Alamo

Did the US or Mexico start the Alamo?

It was a siege, where Anglo-American settlers entrenched themselves within the El Alamo chapel. Mexican troops laid siege and ultimately defeated such settlers.

On what day did Santa Anna's siege of the Alamo begin?

February 24?

How many days was Santa Anna's siege on the Alamo?

13 days