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I dunt know brother

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Was there a constitution in the American Revolutionary War?

The American Constitution was written in 1787. Before the Constitution, we had the Articles of Confederation (1781-1787)

Whose name was the constitution written in?

The Constitution was written in the name of the American people: "We the People of these United States."

Was the constitution written after the American revolution?

yes it was

What are the similarities in the UK and American Constitution?

As the UK does not have a written constitution there are none at all.

Where was the American constitution written?

The American constitution was written in the course of the Philadelphia Convention (Constitutional Convention). The convention was from May 25 until September 17, 1787.

The American understanding of the word constitution emphasized the?

The Constitution, in the American sense, was a specific written document spelling out and limiting the powers of government.

What was the first written constitution in the American Colonies?

Articals of confederation

What is the written form that explains the American social contract?


How many colonies were by the time when the American constitution was written?


How was the US constitution relevant during the American revolution?

It wasn't written yet. The Constitution won't be written until 1789. The revolution began in 1776.

Where are the basic purposes of the American government written?

The preamble to the U.S. Constitution

What is the American imposed restriction written into the Constitution of Cuba?

Platt Amendment

What are the basic purposes of the American government are written in?

The preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

First written constitution in the American colonies?

Fundamental Order Connecticut

Is the British constitution document longer than the American constitution document?

The British Constitution is uncodified, not written down. It is entrenched in the laws of the nation. There is no single document with the constitutional laws written down.

How many pages are there in the Canadian constitution?

The Canadian constitution is not soley a written document and therefore you cannot quantify the number of pages, words or paragraphs as you can with the American Constitution.

Why are the fundamental orders of Connecticut important to American history?

It was the first written constitution in America.

Is it true that the fundamental orders of Connecticut are the first written constitution in American?

Yes, that is correct

How many years after the American revolution ended was the constitution written?

June 21 1788

Was the constitution written after the American revolution and the Louisiana purchase?

After the Revolution, but before the Louisiana Purchase.

Does France have a written constitution?

Yes France has a written constitution. The French Constitution was written in 1791 and is modeled after the US Constitution.

What was the name of the first constitution in American history?

American constitution

What has the author American Physical Society written?

American Physical Society. has written: 'Physics & society' 'Constitution and by-laws, articles of incorporation and membership list ... March 15, 1958'

When was the American Constitution written?

It was created on September 17, 1787 and ratified on June 21, 1788.

In what state was the first American Constitution wriitten?

It was written in 1787 in Independence Hall in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

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