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Why was the Battle of Britain an important victory for Britain?

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== == After the fall of France most countries felt the war was

over. The British seemed surrounded and corner, with no real

allies. The Soviets were selling raw materials to the Nazi war

effort, the US cowardly refused to fight, Hitler seemed to many to

have won. An era of darkness was expected to fall upon the human


The Spanish, French, Turkish and US Generals were ready to cut a

deal with Hitler and after the defeat of the British airforce and

surrender, however it did not happen.

The UK air force may have been outnumbered 3 to 1 but the

British had superior radar, intelligence, tactics, planes and

pilots. This not only saved the UK but the world also.

If Britain had lost then the whole of Europe, Asia, Africa, the

Arab world and inevitably the Americas would be under Nazi rule.

The light of mankind would indeed have been extinguished.

After the British victory, with courageous help from other

allies such as Czech, Polish, NZ pilots, Hitler was heart broken.

He said the defeat of the German airforce was the main reason for

his defeat, he felt his whole dream of world domination had


In a fit of anger and bewilderment he invaded his closest allie

the Soviet Union. Not one German general agreed with this as it

seemed unimportant to the Nazi war effort. The defeat at the BOB

had repercussions as the Japanese in a fit of similar craed anger

attacked the USA a country over twice the sieof them, again for no


The BOB was the key turning point in WWII and the most important

battle in the history of war fare. No battle before or since held

so much importance.

To be able to invade Britain, Germany needed control of the

skies so the German air force ( or Luftwaffe )attacked British air

fields and shipping and then turned on to the cities of Britain.

Control of the skies would help the Germans massively in invading

Britain but the RAF did successfully fend of the air attacks and

inflicted much larger casualties on the Germans then their own and

so Hitler put the invasion date back and back as the German air

force casualties mounted and more and more men were put into the

newly opened soviet offensive and after 1941 USA entered the war

and the soviets began to push the Germans back.The Americans and

Britain began to retake German held areas in north Africa and with

Masses of American troops now in Britain the invasion of Britain

was finally called of forever. So if the RAF didn't defeat the

Luftwaffe in the battle of Britain the Germans could have invaded

Britain and possibly stopped America joining the war and would have

meant the Germans could put more men in taking control of the

soviet union so yes the battle of Britain was a major factor in the

outcome of the war.

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