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Why was the Chevy nova not popular in Mexico?


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Because Nova in Spanish means no-go.

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To the point, Nova translates in Spanish "does not go".

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Chevy venture is a mini van, made up until a few years ago. Buick made a ventura in the late 70's, which was their version of the Nova. It is a rumor that the Nova name is an acronym for Nova Omega Ventura Appollo. Which was the Chevy, Olds, Buick, and Pontiac, respectivley, versions of the Nova.

the most popular car was the VW beetle closely followed by the Ford Mustang and then the chevy nova. The best selling car in the U.S. in 1971 was the Chevrolet Impala/Caprice, not the VW, Mustang, or Nova as the answer above suggests.

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There is a Chevy Nova, a vehicle made by the GM company Chevrolet, from 1962 to 1979. (For the astronomical nova, see the related question)


Nova in spanish means "no go." The camaro also had the same problem because it almost sounds spanish for "shrimp." Actually No va means no go but nova means new such as Que es nova? meaning What's new? Anyone who would mistake those two would also be likely to go to a carpet store to buy a pet for their car. It just doesn't make sense. Mexico has a leading gas station named "NOVA" that does very well. Why would people go to a place that wouldn't make their car go? When I was in Monterrey there were numerous Novas still operating. A check of sales records going back to 1962 shows that Novas sold just fine in Mexico and in fact exceeded projections in many Spanish speaking countries such as Venezuela. So I guess the question is What makes you think the Chevy Nova was not a hit in Mexico?

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yes, the windows dont interchange tho

The 75 - 76 Was a transitional year as for 69 - 74 where the same

My Chevy nova is a 1976 350 automatic and the speedometer goes up to 100, i haven't tested for myself yet, its still new for me.

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68 to 75 nova, the same body style will work.

go to the library and get a chiltons repair manual for your nova.

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