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The Italian front was, in many opinions, (Eisenhower's, for one), a feint, a delay, as the Allies could not mount the Normandy invasion in 1943 due to manpower and ship shortages, but primarily due to Churchill's stubborn refusal to allow a 1943 invasion. He argued for the "soft underbelly" of Italy. There was no easy way to get from Italy to the heart of Germany. Fight through Switzerland or the Italian Alps? Detour west through Spain? The only logical point of attack was the French coast. The Italian venture should never have occurred. It was done to placate the Russians; to take some of the pressure off of them. If the west had not fought Hitler on the ground, but allowed the Red's to take all the ground, the entire continent would have been behind an Iron Curtain. We could not abandon them to communism.

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Q: Why was the D-Day invasion in World War 2 necessary if the Allies already had two fronts open Italian front and the Russian front?
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