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Hitler had various levels of government in place to dictate what people under his rule did. He had men to control radio communications and newspapers (Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels), men to look after the Reich's finances (Minister of Economics, Walther Funk), and several men to look after the various branches of the military (Hermann Goering lead the Luftwaffe [airforce], Karl Donitz lead the Kriegsmarine [navy], and Wilhelm Kaltenbrunner looked after the OKW [oberkommando der wehrmacht, the armed forces]).

I guess my point is that not just one man maintained control of Germany during WW2. Hitler was intelligent enough to realize he couldn't do it all himself.

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Did Adolf Hitler fight the Germans?

if im understanding your question right, then no. Adolf Hitler lead the Germans

Did Hitler lead the Germans into WW1?

No, WW2.

What war did Adolf Hitler lead the Germans?


Which nation did Adolf Hitler lead?

He led the Germans.

What circumstances at this time would eventually lead many Germans to support Adolf Hitler?

What circumstances at this time would evevntually lead many Germans to support adolf Hitler?

Why does Hitler only like Germans?

Because Hitler believed Germans was a super-race and all other races were inferior to Germans.

Who were the Nanzis in world war?

the germans, they where lead by a dictator named hitler.

What made Germans turn to the side of Nazis?

The Germans turned to the Nazis only because Hitler was a Nazi and Hitler was a good speaker and became furher

Does Adolf Hitler like African Americans?

No, he only liked Germans.

How many Germans supported Hitler?

a lot of Germans supported Hitler, about 3 million people supported Hitler

Why did Germany want Hitler to lead them?

Because Hitler was the highest ranked solider at the time, so he was the owner of Fatherland (what Germans call Germany, I'm not German)

Did Hitler improve people's lives?

Only for Germans. Others found it in-humane. (You have to remember, Germans joined the Nazi "group" because they had common sense; and knew what was best for them). But yeah, only for Germany/Germans.

Why didn't the Germans stop Hitler?

The Germans were just as afraid of Hitler as the Jews. ____ Many Germans saw nothing to object to. Hitler was popular, until the war turned against Germany.

Why Germans turned to Adolph Hitler?

The Germans flocked to Hitler because they were in an economic slowdown and desperatley needed jobs. Hitler promised jobs.

What did Hitler think of Germans?

Hitler thought of Germans as the best race there was the best out there and he thought no one could stop them as he believed that they would one day rule. these are why Germans were classed by Hitler as "the Superior race"

Why do hate Hitler the German?

Hitler didn't hate Germans.

Did Hitler also kill Germans?

Adolf Hitler killed no Germans, Jews, or anyone else. He had his ugly, twisted henchmen do it for him.

Did all Germans agree with Hitler and the Nazi party?

No. There were resistance movements.

What did Hitler describe true Germans as?

Germans are included in the Aryan race.

How are Hitler and Darwinism related?

The only relation is that Hitler was a believer in Social Darwinism which influenced his belief that Jews were an inferior race to Germans, who were the superior race.

How did the Treaty of Versailles help lead to the rise of Hitler?

The Treaty of Versailles was the final agreement reached at the end of World War I. Many of its conditions were considered unfair to the Germans, and so the Germans resented the Treaty. Hitler was able to feed off of this public resentment when he was gathering support.

When did the Germans put Hitler to power?

they didn't Hitler took power.

How did the Germans address Hitler?

As the Fuhrer.

Did some germans disagree with hitler?

yes most germans did my friend is german and her great grand father fought agenst hitler

What type of government did Adolf Hitler and Mussolini lead?

The Italians and the Nazis had a Fascist government or dictatorship,the Italians are fascistthe Germans are another type of fascist only it is called nazism because they are rascistK.O. Jones