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Why was the Italian campaign important?

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Coordination of all Allied Forces in Mediterranean countries and defeat of Italian fascist and imperial policies are the reasons why the Italian campaign was important. The designation references anti-Axis operations around and in Italy from July 10, 1943 through May 2, 1945. It therefore refers to such outcome-changing events as the invasion of Sicily of July 9, 1943 to August 17, 1943, the surrender of German forces in Caserta, Italy on April 29, 1945, the termination of World War II efforts in Europe, and the victory of the countries allied against Germany and Italy.

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When did Italian Campaign - World War II - happen?

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What were the chief results of the Italian campaign?

The Italian Campaign occurred during World War II and refers to various Allied missions that took place in and around Italy. The ultimate result was the collapse of fascist Italy.

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What happened with the end of the Italian campaign?

The overthrow of a longstanding head of government and the end to the monarchy were the most direct consequences of the Italian campaign. The Italian campaign began on July 10, 1943, and ended on May 8, 1945. In between the dates, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini [July 29, 1883-April 28, 1945] was deposed and ultimately executed. The king, Victor Emmanuel III [November 11, 1869-December 28, 1947], abdicated.

What are some important dates in Italian history?

One important date in Italian history is March 1861, the date on which the country was founded.

Where did the US battle Germany and Italy in 1942 and 1943?

The United States and other Allies fought the Italians and Germans on the Italian Peninsula. It was the Italian Campaign and resulted in the surrender of the Italians.

When does the US land in Italy during World War 2?

On July 10, 1943 the allies invaded Sicily which was under Italian control at the time and was the start of the Italian campaign.

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