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Banned Monty Python Movie"The Life of Brian" was not only banned in Scotland, but other countries. The heading reads "The Right to Slander God?" as far as Christians felt. It was considered by some of the people of these countries as blasphemy (Religious Defamation." By granting the right of freedom of speech, the state was trying to protect the right to objectively criticize religious institutions and thus, refused to punish or exclude those accused of blasphemy. Legal protection was aimed more at the religious feelings of individuals.

The modern cases of slandering God that the world has grappled with in the 20th and 21st centuries have mostly been related to artists who have allegedly injured the feelings of others. Usually the chosen form of their statements are understood to be as reproachful as the content.

Simply put, "The Life of Brian" was making a laughing stock (thinking of it as comedy) out of God and the Crucifiction of Jesus. It was not well received in Europe at all. Good!

'The Life of Brian' was NOT banned in ALL Scottish Cinemas. I know because I went to see it.

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