Why was the New Deal introduced?

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The New DealDuring the 1920's, American was the richest country in the world and people flocked from all over Europe to live the American dream.The new deal was introduced to help the American economy after the wall street crash that happened in the "Roaring twenties" (1920). After the First World War America's economy was damaged (although not as damaged as other countries who participated in the war) and the people of America were feeling the effects as industries and banks crashed. The New Deal which consisted of three main principles, Relief, Reform and Recovery was made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Relief was supposed to help the unemployed, recovery was supposed to rebuild the economy and Reform was to create a fairer and more just society. All this was done to principally repair Americas economy.
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Q: Why was the New Deal introduced?
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Who introduced the New Deal?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What did President Roosevelt do to help the economy after the stock market crash?

He introduced the New Deal

What natural disaster was prevented by a New Deal program?

The New Deal, introduced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, dealt with economic problems, not with natural disasters.

What was the name of the president that introduced the new deal in the great depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)

What new deal reform was Hoover Dam built?

The Hoover Dam was not a New Deal reform. It was began by President Hoover, who lost the election to Franklin D. Roosevelt, mostly because of the effects of the Great Depression. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who introduced the New Deal.

What is the New Deal?

The economic measures introduced bt President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 to counteractthe effects of The Great Depression

How did the US recover from the Great Depression?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the New Deal, which was a series of economic policies and programs used to repair the economy.READ MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE NEW DEAL:

The policies of Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression was named?

The New Deal program was the name of the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression. Some programs that the New Deal introduced were social security and the WPA.

When were the new bankruptcy laws introduced?

There are some new laws that deal with bankruptcy that were passed in 2005. The change the way that one has to go about declaring bankruptcy and how it should be solved.

What year was the first New Deal introduced by president F.D. Roosevelt?

1933It was 1933 actually, I was doing my history work and you made me get it wrong!

Was the economy act in New Deal or in second New Deal?

2nd new deal

Was the 21st amendment in New Deal or in 2nd New Deal?

1st new deal

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