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Q: Why was the Parthenon chosen as a world herritatage site?
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When was the Parthenon declared a world heritage site?

becaue it is special to the greeks

When the statue of Christ the redeemer was chosen as a world heritage site?

Christ the Redeemer was chosen as a world heritage site on July 7, 2007.

Why was the Statue of Liberty chosen as a world heritage site?

It was chosen by the World Heritage Committee as a symbol of immigration, and historical significance.

When did the city of Bath become a World Heritage Site?

The city of bath was chosen to be to be a world heritage site in 1987.

Why was the Agra Fort chosen as a world heritage site?

Agra fort was chosen as a World Heritage Site because it bears an exceptional testimony to a civilization which no longer lives, that of the Mongol Emperors. There are many beautiful buildings in the area and it is well deserving of the title of World Heritage site.

How many years did the Parthenon hold table tennis?

The Parthenon is a historical site and has never had table tennis.

Why was Henderson Island chosen as a World Heritage Site?

Henderson Island in the South Pacific Ocean was chosen as a World Heritage Site because it meet criteria X (10) of the Cultural Criteria, see the World Heritage Link below.

Why was Uluru chosen as a World Heritage Site?

Because it has been here for many years and is stated as a world heritage site

Why was mt Everest chosen as a world heritage site?

Mount Everest was chosen as a World Heritage Site in 1979 because of it's unique biodiversity; red pandas and snow leopards lived there. Also, the presence of Sherpas; the native people with a very unique culture; added to the mountains interest as a World Heritage Site.

Which Indian tiger reserve has been chosen as world heritage site by UNESCO?


What year was Al-Turaif Quarter named a world heritage site?

Al-Turaif Quarter was the first capital of the Saudi Dynasty. It was chosen as a world heritage site in 2010.

What are ways to prevent weathering on the Parthenon?

To prevent weathering on the Parthenon, the site could be covered and protected from the elements. It could also be enclosed and made into a museum.

Where is the Parthenon the historic site in?

on the Acropolis, a sacred hill in the middle of Athens.

How did the Parthenon impact society?

the people worshiped there, therefore leading it to be a burrial site

What does a Parthenon look like inside and out?

the parthenon looks like......... you should not come to this site and expet to find every answer to your questions! go look in a book like back in the day!

Why was the Colosseum chosen to be a world heritage site?

The Colosseum is part of the world heritage site in the center of Rome. The site has great cultural significance.

Why was the east Devon and west Dorset Coast chosen as a world heritage site?

because they are both big popular place

Is the Parthenon still in use?

Yes, it is open to visitors and the Greek government controls it as a historical site.

What were the reasons Jamestown was chosen as the settlement site?

Jamestown was chosen because of the climate was similar to Britain.

Why was Roanoke site chosen?


Named one reason philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention?

One reason why Philadelphia was chosen as the site of the convention was because of the symbolic Independence Hall.

How did the Stonehenge become a world heritage site?

Stonehenge is a worldheritagesite and has been ever since 1986. It was chosen for its greatmonumentsand uniquely circled stones.

Why was Cappadocia chosen to be a world heritage site?

The landscape is unique because of the volcanoes making cones, mushrooms, and chimneys that look like a fairyscape.

What site was chosen as Australia's capital?

A site on the Limestone Plains of southern New South Wales was chosen to be Australia's capital. This is, of course, the city now known as Canberra.

Why is Uluru chosen to be one of the world heritage site?

Because that's where the first signs of life were found. This area is also know as the Fertile Crescent.