Why was the Pearl Harbor attack such a shock to the US?

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It was a shock to the U.S. because we did not expect it. We thought we had an alliance with Japan but we were wrong. Japan was mad at us because we would not give them the supplies they needed. Pearl Harbor was our most filled marine base and a key target. There was no way for us to get help because everything was in the Harbor. The president at the time sent a telegram shortly after the attack ended saying that Japan was not a threat and they ended being wrong as well. We go betrayed by Japan and we becam wary of our allances.
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Where were the US aircraft carriers when the Pearl Harbor attack occured and why were they not at Pearl Harbor?

They were at sea. Mainly they were ferrying aircraft to a different base, I don't know which one. They also conducted assorted training exercises while they were out. It was just plain lucky that those aircraft were scheduled to be shipped at that time. If the carriers had been at Pearl we would hav ( Full Answer )

Was the US prepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Answer No. MLM ANSWER: This depends on the level of preparedness. The US was anticipating a Japanese attack at the command level, however the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet at the time thought it was from sabotage so took different defensive postures. The US was well aware that the Japanese were bein ( Full Answer )

Why was the US surprised by the attack at Pearl Harbor?

Answer . \nBecause we had absolutely no reason to expect it.\nMichael Montagne. Answer . You might want to read up a little on the history or Pearl Harbor. There was every reason to expect an attack was coming. The night before when "magic" intercepted a 14 point message to their diplomat R ( Full Answer )

What effects did the attack of Pearl Harbor have on the US?

Answer . Over two thousand Americans died that day in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Then America declared war and entered World War II. This had many, many effects on the US government and the American people.

How did the US respond to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Answer . America responded with war. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, America decided that it was time to enter the second world war. The U.S. declared war on Japan and it all led to the atomic bombs.

Was the US prepared for the Pearl Harbor attack?

It was a surprise because the officers on watch did not "connect the dots" when they received information indicating that a flight of planes was coming their way.

How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the US?

The Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor complex in 1941 served as a a galvanizing factor on the US. Suddenly, amid all the villains and heroes tossed about in the press of the day, Japan stood out clearly as the "Yellow Peril." The Japanese people were consistently and regularly vilified in the US p ( Full Answer )

What did the US do after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Kick butt We "sucked it up" and kicked some tail. The attitude of the nation was different than it is now. Now we have to be "politically correct" in everything we do. We don't want to hurt anybody's feeling....unless they are your fellow Americans'. We have too many politicians who are only out fo ( Full Answer )

Did the US attack Japan after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

The US engaged Japanese forces all over the pacific, includingthe Philippines, Guam, Saipan, Guadalcanal, Midway, The Solomons,Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Tarawa, Palau, Iwo Jima andOkinawa. A planned Invasion of the Japanese Home Islands wasdetermined to be too costly in terms of lives on bo ( Full Answer )

Why did Japan attack the US at Pearl Harbor?

The plan was to knock out the US Pacific Fleet as a significant fighting force, so their would be no opposition to Japan's conquest of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. They thought that once they had conquered all that territory that we would be unable to dislodge them from it even if we did ( Full Answer )

What did the attack on Pearl harbor mean for the US?

Answer . \nFor starters it allowed FDR to enter the war on the allied side officially instead of in the clandestine way he was already. The 7th of December 1941 attack at Pearl Harbor galvanized this country in a way nothing else would have. FDR was even before that infamous day trying to persua ( Full Answer )

What weapons were used in the attack of Pearl Harbor?

the only weapons used on the attack of pearl harbor were mounted on the Japanese zeros (the standard Japanese fighter plane during the war) which consited of 45mm machine guns, torpedos, and c4 explosives which were placed in the planes that were expected to kamakazi the harbor

What happened at Pearl Harbor and Why were the US attacked?

Answer . The Japanese, who had allied themselves with Nazi Germany in the late 1930's, were on an aggressive, imperialist campaign to conquer territory in the far east and the Pacific Rim. Their war machine depended heavily on imported oil. President Roosevelt of the US, decided that it was ne ( Full Answer )

When was the US attacked at Pearl Harbor Hawaii?

\n. \n Pearl Harbor was Bombed \n. \n. \nPearl Harbor was bombed on January 7, 1941.\n. \nActually, Pearl Harbor was attacked on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941.

Why did Japan attack us in pearl harbor?

It is because we had our naval base there & it would be easier to attack us there to take out our whole navy because that way we wouldn't be able to fight back. They also killed a lot of civilians.

What was the us response to the attack on pearl harbor?

The U.S. sought out revenge by applying a top-secret mission to attack the heart of Japan. The mission was said to be a suicide mission but most men survived the attack. The attack was such an eye opener for the Japanese that they soon realized they can lose this war resulting in them pulling troops ( Full Answer )

How did US attack Japan after the attack at Pearl Harbor?

America became a full combatant in the War. More specifically than the previous answer.. the very first attack by the US was a direct bombing flight of Tokyo. Eventually, the United States Marine Corps proceeded across the string of islands that lead to mainland Japan, claiming one after another ( Full Answer )

What did the US do because of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The US threatened to attack Japan with an atomic bomb. None of the political leaders of Japan at the time believed them, so they ignored the threat. Then, the US military flew over with the first atomic bomb and dropped it over the city of Hiroshima. The US threatened them again with another bomb, b ( Full Answer )

Why did the US attack japan after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked Dec 7, 1941 starting WWII in the Pacific. Japan was beaten back to her home land, but refused to concede defeat. After what they did in China, and their attempts at Australia and New Zealand, there had to be an end enforced. Japan didn't want the war to end. They had ( Full Answer )

What year was Pearl Harbor attacked by the US?

Attack of Pearl Harbor . The United States did not attack Pearl Harbor; the Japanese did. Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii, a US state. Japanese warplanes attacked and demolished the Pacific fleet of Navy ships that were docked there. The attack occured on December 7, 1941 and was the single eve ( Full Answer )

What did America use to attack Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was part of America. It was the Japanese who actually attacked Pearl Harbor. What they did was they sent a large number of aircraft into the Harbor. The objective was to destroy as much of the U.S. Navy positioned there as possible. To do this, they did many things. They bombed the ship ( Full Answer )

What effect did it have on the US during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

After the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec. 7th 1941, the USA. declared war on Japan, thus entering World War 2. During WW 2 the atomic bomb was made, and the military made 2 invasions on Japan. The war raged on until 1945, when both Japan and Germany surrendered and gave up their conquests. Japan agreed ( Full Answer )

US leader Attack on Pearl Harbor?

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel was the Admiral who was the head of the Fleet in Pearl Harbor. He was reassigned and lost his command of the Fleet. Another Admiral was chosen, Nimitz I believe.

What did US do to deserve the attack on Pearl Harbor?

We actually put a naval blockade against japan, stop giving air plane supplies to them and stopped trading with them which destroyed their economy since when gave them 80% of all their natural resources. Although we did that because they we invading China our trading partner.

What if the us was prepared for the pearl harbor attack?

The Japanese would have attacked anyway. The Japanese expected the US might be alerted by the time their task force reached the position to launch the attack, and that the aircraft might have to fight their way to the targets. It seemed too much to hope for that the task force could sail thousands o ( Full Answer )

What was Pearl Harbor used for before the attack?

Pearl Harbor was a US Navy base for fifty years before the attack. It was originally acquired as a "coaling station". Navies ran on coal back then. There were a lot of anarchists around, especially among the working men, in that era, the sort of men who might be employed to load coal onto ships. Ana ( Full Answer )

How the US reacted to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The US first reacted by the "Doolittle's raid" which was basically flying modified B12 Bombers off an aircraft carrier to Bomb Tokyo's major Military Plants, before they set off there was a little ceremony held on the flight deck, Doolittle tied false peace medals onto the bombs to "give them back" ( Full Answer )

Why was the US suprised by the attack of pearl harbor?

"The Americans had deciphered Japan's code earlier and knew about a planned attack before it actually occurred. However, due to difficulty in deciphering intercepted messages, the Americans failed to discover Japan's target location before the attack occurred." so they were not surprised by the a ( Full Answer )

Was the us unprepared for pearl the harbor attack?

The United States was beginning to increase its preparations for war with Japan, which included increasing defenses in the Philippines, Guam, Wake Island, Midway Island, Hawaiian islands, and several other islands to the southwest of Pearl Harbor. The US Navy & Army forces at Pearl Harbor & else ( Full Answer )

How was the attack of pearl harbor hard for the us?

Because so lives were lost that day. And it was the last battle before we entered the war! We were out of the war for two years and planning to be out of the war for a long time. But this was a hard decision but we had to because japan killed so many lives and boats!.