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Why was the Renaissance?

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The Renaissance was a cultural movement. It was the revival of learning based on classical sources, the rise of courtly and papal patronage, the development of painting perspective, and advancement in science. It spanned from the 14th to 17th century and started in Italy.

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What was Europe's rediscovery of the ancient Greek and Romans called?

It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.It was called the renaissance.

Was Harlem Renaissance really an renaissance?

Yes it was a renaissance.

How did Italian renaissance differ from northern renaissance?

italian renaissance

What is the renaissance ballet?

renaissance ballet is ballet in the renaissance time.

Was Raphael a High Renaissance or Early Renaissance artist?

He was High Renaissance.

Where did the European Renaissance were at?

The Renaissance began in Italy and it was the principle location of the Renaissance.

The year of the renaissance were?

The medieval renaissance began around 1300

How did the Northern Renaissance differ from the Italian Renaissance?

The Northern Renaissance held onto Gothic art and architecture, and their artists were few and scattered, unlike the Italian Renaissance.

Why do you call it a Renaissance?

It is called the renaissance, because "renaissance" just means rebirth.

What was the Renaissance studiolo?

the renaissance studio was

What was renaissance mainly about?

Trade was what the renaissance was about

The Renaissance occurred?

The Renaissance occurred in ?

Is the high renaissance the same as the renaissance period?

High Renaissance is a period during Renaissance -it's the middle part, in about the 16th century.

How do the high renaissance and early renaissance art differ?

Early renaissance was very different b/c they were just getting started..... What began in the Early Renaissance was perfected in the High Renaissance.

Renaissance means what?

renaissance technically means 'rebirth' The word "Renaissance" means rebirth.

Renaissance Art had different periods What where they called?

Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerism.

How do you find a picture of renaissance chocolate?

There were no cameras in the renaissance, and hence no pictures of renaissance chocolate.

How did the merchants of the renaissance dpread the renaissance?

Merchants spread the renaissance by going to different countries in Europe selling art from the Renaissance. They also sold books that were made from the printing press and spread the Renaissance.

What has the author William Henry Ward written?

William Henry Ward has written: 'The architecture of the Renaissance in France' -- subject(s): Renaissance, History, Architecture, Renaissance Architecture 'The architecture of the Renaissance in France' -- subject(s): Architecture, Architecture, Renaissance, History, Renaissance, Renaissance Architecture 'The ocean marine telegraph'

When and where did the renaissance flourish?

The Renaissance flourished in Florence.

What was the Renaissance movement?

Renaissance was a cultural movement.

Who was in the renaissance?

King Richard 1st was in the Renaissance.

Where did Renaissance happen?

The Renaissance happened in Europe.

What is a city in the renaissance?

The Renaissance had its start in Florence

What is the basis for Renaissance mean?

What was the basis for the renaissance