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The Renaissance as the beginning of Modern TimesAny division of history into periods is arbitrary abd is based on a range of assumptions (often unstated).

In the Renaissance and the Enlightenment there was a widespread view in Europe that the period between the end of the Western Empire (AD 476) and the Renaissance had been a time when mankind had 'hibernated' intellectually and spiritually - a time of domination by the Catholic Church, a long period of darkness and obscurantism.

There was also a widespread feeling that in the Renaissance mankind again took control of its destiny.

It was on this basis that west Europeans divided history into Ancient, Medieval and Modern (with various subdivisions). It long been customary to subdivide Modern History into Early Modern (up to the French Revolution, 1789) and the rest of the Modern period.

There are problems with these divisions. Firstly, the division is geared to Western Europe. The division between Ancient and Medieval doesn't really apply to Byzantium, let alone China, for example. Secondly, many take the view that the 'barbarity' and 'obscurantism' of the Middle Ages is grossly exaggerated in this view.


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What was believed to be the transition from medieval to modern times?


Why are the Middle Ages called the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages refers to a period of time from 476 to 1453 which falls in the middle of the three broad divisions of European history: the Classical Era, the Middle Ages, and the Modern Era. This three-way division was created by Renaissance historians, which is why the Renaissance is considered to be the beginning the Modern Era. The middle ages were a time of great development. They signified the transition between the ancient civilizations and modern times.

Did the middle ages happen after the modern times?

Generally, the Middle Ages are not considered part of the modern period. Historians have long debated whether to include the Renaissance in the modern period. As the date between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is somewhat nebulous, many historians refer to the period from 1450/1600 as the "Early Modern Period". So no, the Middle Ages did not happen after the modern time period.

A period of transition or change bridging medieval times and modern is called the?


Where did the Italian renaissance take place?

The Italian Renaissance took place in Italy. It lasted from the 14th to the 16th century. It was the transition from medieval to early modern times.

Did Renaissance art reflect the works of classical times?

It sure did. Renaissance art had lots of nudity. I like nudity so i like classical movies. They are great. What also is better is modern times. We have smartphones and stuff.

How did christopher Columbus influence during the renaissance?

He didn't influence the Renaissance since he was pretty much a failure and not known about. It is only in modern times he has become known to history and his legacy overblown.

What do the historians mean when they refer to modern times beginning in the mid 15th Century?

British rule

What is Renaissance Art?

Renaissance art refers to paintings, sculptures and decorative arts that belong to the Renaissance period of European history. The period of the art was characterized by the transition from medieval to modern times. It is also known to have lasted between 1430 and 1530 AD.

Is Ares considered a modern mythology figure?

No, hew was a god from ancient times.

How did the renaissance time begin?

The period of this revival, roughly the 14th through the 16th century, marking the transition from medieval to modern times.

Did the Renaissance begin when the middle ages ended?

No, the Renaissance began during the Late Middle Ages, and the times overlapped to a degree. Various historians date the end of the Middle Ages in the 15th or even early 16th century. They usually date the beginning of the Renaissance in the 14th century.

What is a renaissance prince?

A prince who embodies the beliefs of the Renaissance. Hamlet, for instance, could be considered a 'renaissance prince' because he's well-educated and intelligent. Smarts, in the dullest sense of the term. A renaissance prince is a prince with smarts (and other personality points that make him fit the gender role of a young man in renaissance times). (Think of the renaissance as a personality and apply that to a person.)

Who was considered as the father of modern computers?

Charles Babbage was considered as the father of modern computers.he has made 2 important machines of early times they are :-The Analytical engine and the Difference engine.

What were the main ideas of the Italian Renaissance?

The main idea of the Italian Renaissance was to create a resurgence of the ideas, architecture and art of antiquity. The people who started the Renaissance held things and ideas of antiquity in high regard and wanted to improve the culture by bringing them back into then-modern times.

What changed the middle age into the modern age?

The Renaissance, which started in Italy and moved north, was a rediscovery of the knowledge of the ancient times and reinvigorated Europe.

A period of transition or change which bridges the gap between medieval and modern times is called the?

The period of transition or change that bridges the gap between medieval and modern times is called the Renaissance period. During this period there is a huge advance in technology and in literature.

Why do historians call the renaissance a bridge between the Middle Ages and modern times?

They found artwork from that time period which shows them more ideas on what happened.

What did Sigmund Freud think of religion?

He considered it unscientific, and felt it was no longer needed in modern times.

What is a timeline of Jewish history?

See the attached Related Link for a timeline, beginning at the Creation and continuing down to modern times.

What period was after the medieval times?

The Renaissance.

What came before the Renaissance period?

what came before the Renaissance period was midevil times.

What is the time period of the Medieval Times?

The medieval times date from the 5th century ( fall of the western roman empire) to the 16th century in the beginning of the early modern period.

Was Joseph Stalin violent?

Stalin's rule is considered one of the harshest and most inhumane of modern times.

Did they have potatoes in the middle ages?

It depends who you mean by "they". Potatoes are native to the Americas and were not available in Europe until long after 1492, when the Middle Ages had ended. Native Americans had both sweet potatoes and standard potatoes, but just like tobacco neither of these were seen in Europe until the Renaissance era - the beginning of modern times.