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Why was the South Secedes important?

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April 12, 2015 5:28PM

The secession of 11 Southern US states was important because it

produced, during the US Civil War, a divided nation that was weaker

taken in totality then it was before the war. The secession caused

terrible consequences for the Southern states because they cut

themselves off from the manufacturing base of the North they

enjoyed before the war. Now the South had depend upon Europe for

supplies and products it needed to conduct a war and even if

successful, the South would lose all the benefits of being part of

the USA entailed. The secession also came to cause a civil war that

killed over 600,000 Americans. This was a terrible cost. How the

future of the US would have been if the South agreed to gradually

end slavery and accept compensation from the US government, cannot

be accurately known in detail. However, there is no doubt that the

US would have been a major world power allot sooner if the Civil

War, had never happened.

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