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To sage time

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Q: Why was the Suez and panama canal built?
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Why was the Suez and the Panama Canal built?

To sage time

What is the name of the major canal in Egypt that was built with the same technology as the panama canal?

The Suez Canal

How did the Suez influence the Panama Canal?

The Suez Canal was the first canal to separate two major land masses and allow boats and ships to pass inbetween. The Panama Canal was created soon after the Suez, as the Suez Canal proved that a canal could be built that would separate two continents. Without the Suez, the Panama Canal may have never been funded and made. ~Ares

Panama Canal is to Panama as Egypt is to?

The Suez Canal

Which canal is wider panama or Suez canal?

The Panama Canal is wider because the Suez is 20 m. wide and the Panama is 218 m. , but the Suez is longer then the panama because the panama is 51 mi. and the canal is 218 mi.

What canal was built after the roman empire split?

Most canals were built after the Roman Empire split, for example the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Erie Canal.

Which canal opens first the Panama or the Suez?

The Suez Canal first opened in 1869. The Panama Canal opened in 1914.

Why was the panama and Suez canal built?

Suez canal was built as if anyone would travel from europe to india they had go all the way to cape of hope and then go to india.Because of this canal we can directly go to india through medditaranian sea.

What was a canal built in Panama?

The Panama Canal was a canal built in Panama.

Who built the Suez canel?

The Suez Canal was built by the French owned Suez Canal Co.

Where are the most important canals?

The Panama Canal (in Panama) and the Suez Canal in Egypt.

What company was the Suez Canal was built by?

he Suez Canal was built by a company from which country?

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