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to give people a reason to visit the IO

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Who did build the Suez canal?


Was the Suez canal easy or difficult to build?

It was difficult to build

How much costed the French-owned Suez Canal co to build the Suez Canal?

2 billion

Which canal took 10 years to build and opened in 1869?

suez canal

When was Suez Canal build?

The exact date is 1870....:)

Did the French help build the Suez Canal?


When was the Suez canal opened?

A French company began to build the Suez Canal in 1859 Its construction was completed and it was opened on November 17, 1869

Who invented the Suez canal?

The British helped the Egyptians build it.

German empire build in the isiamic region?

Suez Canal

Who was the Jewish financer that helped build the Suez canal?

Baron Rothschild

What was the total cost to build Suez canal?

The cost was $100 million

What did the the new German empire build in the Islamic religion?

The Suez Canal .

What is the famous canal in Egypt called?

Suez Canal...The Suez Canal

Who control the suez canal?

The canal is owned and maintained by the Suez Canal Authority

How does the Suez canal work?

the Suez canal is very intriquit.

In what country is the Suez Canal located?

The Suez Canal is in Egypt.

Is the Suez canal a series of lochs?

No locks on the Suez Canal

When was Suez Canal created?

Suez Canal was created in 1869.

Suez canal river is which country?

The Suez Canal is in Egypt.

What is the Suez Canal?

The Suez Canal is a canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

Is Suez Canal in Egypt a river?

The Suez Canal is a canal. The Nile River flows in it.

Who built the Suez canel?

The Suez Canal was built by the French owned Suez Canal Co.

How many men did it take to build the Suez Canal?

it was estimated that 30,000 men were working on the canal at any one time

What was the Suez canal crisis?

The Suez canal crisis was the nationalisation of the Suez canal in 1956 by Nasser of Egypt. The canal was a vital waterway for many countries so Britain France and Israel decided to invade the Suez Canal.

German empire build in the Islamic region?

Suez Canal *Cheating on your E2020 class :-)

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