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Why was the US Civil War called the US Civil War?



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Why was the Civil War called the Civil War?

Definition: A war between 2 or more parts of one country

The American Civil War was called the Civil War because it was the war between the Northern and Southern states of America./// The "Civil War" in this context is an inaccurate name. 1)After the 11 states seceeded,created and ratified their Constitution and The Confederate States of America was born,it was no longer one country but two.2)A civil war is a conflict in which the warring sides are fighting for control over one-and-the-same government,that is not what happened 1861-1865. The Confederacy had no interest in taking over Washington,D.C. -it had its' own Capitol,first at Montgomery,AL then at Richmond,VA. The War for Southern Independence is an accurate name to call it.