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Why was the US involved in the Chinese Civil War?

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Much of the Chinese Civil War happened during the Japanese Occcupation during WWII and the US supported both the Nationalists and the Communists in their fight against the Japanese.

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Which side was the US on in the Chinese Civil War?

US wasn't involved.

Why did the US get involved with the Civil War?

why did america get in volved with civil war in vietham

Who did the US support in the Chinese civil war?


What did the US do in the Chinese civil war?

killed $@#%cths

A US mediator in Chinese civil war?

George Marshall

What side did Russia want to fight for in the US civil war?

Russia was not involved in the US Civil War. A civil war is defined as a war fought between groups which are all from one country.

Who was a US mediator in Chinese civil war?

George Catlett Marshall

Why did the US support the Nationalist in the civil war in China after World War 2?

After WW2 the United Nations began a policy of containment to prevent the spread of Communism. The Chinese civil war involved government nationalists and communist guerrilas. The US supported the nationalists to try to stop the communist takeover.

Who was the us mediator in Chinese civil war?

George Marshall was the U. S. mediator in the Chinese Civil War. Marshall served as the 50th United States Secretary of State.

Did Mississippi have any wars?

They were deeply involved in the US Civil War.

What wars were Maryland involved in?

The American Revolution and the US Civil War.

What southern states were involved in the US Civil War?

The eleven Southern states that were involved in the US Civil War were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. Following the war, the country was united as the United States.

How was the in war in Vietnam similar to the US Civil War?

The war in Vietnam was similar to the US Civil War because the war involved North Korea versus South Korea.

What was the public opinion of The Korean War in the US?

The public opinion was that the USA should not be involved in a civil war ...

Why was the us involved in the greek civil war?

To protect Greece against the pressure of Communism

Which side did the US support in china's civil war?

In the beginning the United States was neutral during the Chinese Civil War. After the war, it acknowledged the government in Taiwan but not in mainland China.

What wars came before the Civil War?

Before the US Civil War, the US was involved inthe Mexican Warthe Red stick Warthe War of 1812various other wars with Native Americansthe Revolutionary WarBefore The US was independent of Great Britain, the people and territory that became the US was involved in:The French and Indian War (Seven Years War)several wars with Native Americans

What conflicts was America involved with in 1863?

US Civil War and Indian Wars (Frontier Wars).

What other countries were involved in the US Civil War?

Except for commerce it was an all American affair.

Who were famous slaves involved in the US Civil War?

they helped with the wounded soldiers and provided food

How many years was Abraham Lincoln involved in the war?

The US Civil War: Abraham Lincoln was President during the entire Civil War; from 1861-1865. He was assassinated 5 days after Lee surrendered to Grant, which was the act that ended the Civil War.

How many soldiers were involved in the US Civil War?

The best estimate was that in the North, almost two million soldiers were in the military during the course of the US Civil War. The best estimate for the Confederacy is perhaps 750,000.

Who did the us back during the civil war in china?

Chiang Kai-shek , leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party .

Which event happened first of Chinese Exclusion Act end of the US Civil War The Gentlemen's Agreement or potato famine in Ireland?

The potato famine, which was from 1845 to 1852. The others were as follows:End of US Civil War - 1865.Chinese Exclusion Act - 1882.Gentlemen's Agreement - 1907.

Why were the doves opposed to the Vietnam war?

They believed the Us should not be involved in Vietnam's Civil War, the US should be spending their money to help their own economy, not on Vietnam's.