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The threat of War for the US wasn't apparent until at least the beginning of 1940, as an example, there were only 800 Officers in the Marine Corps at that time. That number increased to 37,067 in 1945. Wartime production wasn't placed in gear until the German attack on Poland in 1939.

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How did US get prepared for world war 1?

They weren't prepared@@@@@@@@@@@@

Was the us armed forces prepared on the eve of World War I?

The US joined World War 1 only in 1917 - three years after the war broke out.

How was the US prepared for World War 2?

The US was prepared for ww2 because they are and have always been addicted to war. It brings new technologies and keeps other countries in debt.

Was the US prepared for war in World War 1 and why?

Going into it, no. US armed forces lacked the training and experience needed to hold their own.

How would the US been prepared to fight in World War 2 if the Lend Lease Act wasn't passed?

The US military is always prepared in to fight for the interests of the American people.

What convicted many American that the us needed to prepared to enter world war 2?

Pearl Harbor

What evidence is there that the US and England were prepared to let Australia fall to the Japanese during world war 2?


Would US or Great Britain have been prepared enough to fight in world war 2 without the passage of the lend-lease act?

Yes, both the US and Great Britain would still be prepared to fight the World War 2 without the passage of the Lend-lease Act.

How did the US help Jews in World War 2?

It did not. There were a few actions planned and some prepared, but none actually helped.

What did the US have to do to prepare for the war?

America prepared for world war two by building an atomic bomb, Manhattan project, and by president roosevelt creating the osrd program.

US actions before entering World War 2?

Aid to the allies Prepared for war FDR serves third term Lend-Lease act

What was the US foreign policy during World World War 1 prior to 1917?

The US foreign policy under President Woodrow Wilson was neutrality.

Why was Australia under attack form the Japanese in World War 2?

It was allied to the UK and US.

What country saw the US as weak after World War 1?

the axis power under estimated them

Did the US have a third bomb available in World War 2?

It would have been ready within a few weeks and a fourth was also being prepared.

Was The us was prepared to go to war with Britain?

dont answer this (person who wrote this question)

Why did the US aide China England and France in World War 2?

They were under attack by Axis Powers. Until the US entered the war, with cause, that was the only legal thing to do.

How did the US get involed in World War 2?

Why did the US get involved with world war 2?

How did the US avoid World War 2?

The US did participate in the Second World War.

How did the US react during the Cold War?

We built nuclear weapons and were prepared for war incase Russia attacked.

How many US troops were mobilised in World War 2?

During WW2, the US had over 16 million men under arms.

Why was the US unprepared for the war of Britain?

The US was pretty prepared for the war of Britain. The biggest problem though was Britain has more money and materials than the US did though. The correct name for this war is "The War of 1812" and back then the US was called "The Colonies"

What was true of the US economy after World War 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

Why did the US not get involved in world war 2?

Actually the US did get involved in World War 2.

Was the US involvement in World War I justified why or why not?

Was the US involvement in World War 1 justified why or why not?

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