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the area contained valuable Natural Resources

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Why was the US government unwilling to allow Japan to expand into Southeast Asia?

Because we wanted southeast Asia's resourses for ourselves.

Is Japan located in southeast Asia?

NO-Japan is in NORTHEAST Asia.

What southeast asian country was not ruled by imperialism?

The only country in southeast Asia that was not fully absorbed by one or another European empires was Thailand. Japan also avoided that fate, but Japan is in east Asia, not Southeast Asia.

Who conquered European colonies in east and southeast Asia?

Japan invaded the entire area around East and Southeast Asia.

US state in the southeast?

Guam is a U.S. Territory is southeast asia. It is east of Japan.

Why did Japan want to take over Asia?

Japan was hit hard by the stock market crash and the great depression, and one way of easing the burden was to expand their market and increase their resources. This is why they expanded and took over parts of china and southeast Asia

What are two nations in southeast Asia are archipelagos?

Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines are archipelagos in Asia.

Are the Philippine islands in Japan?

No, the Philippines is an archipelagic nation located in Southeast Asia. Japan is an island nation in East Asia.

Which country overran Vietnam during World War 2?

During WWII, Japan occupied Southeast Asia. Vietnam is part of Southeast Asia.

What were the causes and consequences of the world wars in Europe Africa and Asia?

Germany wanted to to expand in Europe. Italy wanted to expand in Africa. Japan wanted to expand in Asia & the Pacific.

Who tried to spread the Roman Catholic religion to India Japan and southeast Asia-?

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Quilon or Kollam were the first ones who tried to spread the religion to India, Japan and Southeast Asia.

What did japan do in regards to southeast Asia?

stick them in our butts to keep them warm for the winter

By the spring of 1942 japan had taken?

areas of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific

When did japan invade southeast Asia?

they invaded from 1940 to 1942, and some in 1943.

What direction is India from Japan?

Japan is in the higher Asia India is in the lower part of Asia Trust me, I looked at a map. yes you did India is southeast from Japan. :) You are wrong It's Southwest du

Asia for Asians was the slogan of the?

To help cultivate the conquered countries of Southeast Asia, etc. Japan promoted the slogan when ousting the French, British, and Dutch. Behind the slogan, was really, "Asia for Japan."

Location of southeast Asia?

The location of southeast Asia is in the southern eastern part of southeast Asia

Do tigers live in Japan?

No, they only live in Siberia, Southeast asia, Malaysia and india.

Where is Theravada found?

Mainly in Southeast Asia, China and Japan, but there are Theravadins everywhere in the world.

What are four areas that western powers in southeast Asia controlled in the late 1800's?

Japan, United States, India and China are the four western powers in southeast asia

What is the most progressive country in southeast Asia?

vjbkj in east Asia 1- Singapore 2 japan Singapore is a safer country

Is Vietnam part of east Asia or not?

.Vietnam is actually part of SouthEast Asia, which is a different region in Asia from East Asia, which includes China, Japan, and North and South Korea.

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