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The Korean War was a United Nations Police Action and the United States was part (most) of the UN force.

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Q: Why was the United States involved in the Korean War?
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Why did the US fight in the Korean War?

the united states got involved in the Korean war to stop the spread of communsium

Why did the United States become involved in the Korean War?

To stop the spread of Communism

What counties was involved in the Korean war?

The Soviet Union and The United States Of Canada.

What Conflict did United States got involved with shortly after World War 2?

The Korean war.

What war was before viet nam?

The Korean War was before Vietnam that the United States was involved in.

What countries were involved in Korean War?

In the Korean War, the fighting took place on the Korean Peninsula. The war was part of a larger competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, known as the Cold War.

What were the main countries involved in the Korean War?

The United States, North Korea, South Korea, China, and the United Kindom

What major nations were involved in the Korean War?

North Korea, South Korea, United States, and the USSR

How did Canada get involved in the Korean War?

They were in the united nations

Did the United States fight the Korean war?

US forces participated in the Korean war...

What countries involved in the Korean War?

See Korean War website; the UN was involved, covering approximately 16 different countries, not counting the communists.

Who was involed in the Korean War?

united states

United States in korean war?


How did World War 1 change after the United states became involved?

The war was a stalemate before the United States became involved. After the United States became involved, the balance tipped to the Allied powers.

What were the differences between the Korean war and the American Civil War?

Just about everything. Different age- Different Countries- Different technology- Different causes entirely. About the only thing that the two wars have incommon was that the United States was involved- even that is argueble as the Civil war was a war between the United States in the North and the states that had succeeded in the south- thus a different 'united states' was involved in Korea.

Who was the United States President that entered the United States into the Korean War?

Harry S. Truman.

What was the main international organization involved in the Korean war?

The United Nations.

What year did United States get involved in World War I?

The United States got involved in World war 1 on April 2, 1917

What were the United States goals for the Korean War?

The goals for the Korean War was to Put an end to communism "Domino Effect"

What nations outside of Korea were in the Korean war?

The United States were in the Korean War as well as the USSR and supposedly China.

Was the United States in a war between the Korean War and the Vietnam War?

No, they were "police actions".

What main countries were involved in the Korean War?

North Korea, South Korea, The United States and I think China. Hope this helped :D

How did the United States confront communism in east Asia after the Korean war?

The United states confronted Communism in East Asia after the Korean War with fear that communism would be intertwined to other countries. They entered the Korean Conflict shortly after world war 2.

How the united States become involved in world war 1?

The United States became involved in world war 1 because the Germany’s disruption of Allied trade routes led to the entry of the United States into the war.

How was the united states involved in the russo japanese war?

The united states involved in the Russo-Japanese war where President Roosevelt helped negotiate peace.