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The area contained Valuable Natural Resources.

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Native food in the southeast?

what food do they eat in the southeast united states

Is it warm in the Southeast?

Southeast United States? Yes. Think Florida.

Where is Tennessee located in the US?

Tennessee is located in the southeast region of the United States Of America.Tennessee is under Kentucky in the Southeast Region of the United States

What country is Tennessee in?

Tennessee is a state in the United States. It is located in southeast United States.

What is Tennessee?

A state of the southeast United States.

In what region is Houston?

Southeast of the United States

How has deforestation shaped the landscape of the US?

It enabled the united states to expand across the continent.It enable the united states to expand across the continent.

What continent is southeast of the United States?

Africa is southeast of the United States. Africa is approximately 3,400 miles from Maine (the closest point in the U.S.) to Morocco.

In the southeast region which state is a peninsula?

Florida is a peninsula in the southeast region of the United States.

In what region of the US is Florida in?

Southeast of United States

Birmingham is in what state?

Alabama, southeast United States

What region is georgia a part of?

The Southeast United States

What are the most important bodies of water in the southeast region of the United States?

The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean are important bodies of water in the southeast region of the United States.

How did the US expand from the Atlantic to the pacific ocean?

because the united states was doing a lot of trade and buying states and they bought more and more states and then the states got added so they had to expand the united states of America

What did Giovanni da verrazano find?

He found the Southeast states of the United States.

What region Georgia in?


What region is Atlanta located?

Southeast region of the United States

Did the united states government want to expand their powers overseas?

The United States goverment want to expand their powers overseas because they didn't have gunpower over seas they only had it on seas.

Why was it so difficult for a superpower like the united states to fightbin southeast Asia?

It is difficult for the United States to fight Southeast Asia for a few reasons. The main reason is because we get a lot of our goods from them.

The united states wanted the lousiana territory in order to?

The United States wanted the Louisiana territory in order to expand its territory

What did desert southeast Indians make as art?

There were no desert southeast Indians. Te deserts of the United States are in the southwest.

Is Hawaii part of Southeast Asia?

=Hawaii is part of the United States.=

Where do road runners commonly live?

Southeast of Mexico and the United States

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