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Why is the White House "White"?Many people including at least one encyclopedia have supposed that the White House was painted white in order to cover burn marks left by British troops in 1814.

I just finished a guided tour of the White House today, where it was explained that the exterior walls were constructed of sandstone quarried from Aquia Creek quarry in Stafford VA.

The presidential structure was painted white in 1798, (16 years before the White House was burned) in order to protect the sandstone from damage caused by water and winter freezes.

The name "White House" did not become official until Theodore Roosevelt issued an executive order in 1901, although there are many references to "the White House" that predate the war of 1812.

The British did not burn the White house until 1814 in retaliation for some buildings burned by American troops in Canada during the war of 1812.

Although it was not completed until a few years after the presidency of George Washington, it has been speculated that the "President's Palace", "President's Mansion", or "President's House" as it was originally referred to was named after Martha Washington's father's home "White House Plantation" where the first president and Martha had courted.

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Q: Why was the White House painted white?
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