Why was the atomic bomb significant in world war 2?

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It devastated two of Japan's major cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and showed the Japanese that the U.S. were prepared to stop the war by any means. Emperor Hirohito, knowing that he could not win against such technological superiority, agreed to the terms of surrender, effectively ending the second world war.
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What did the atomic bomb do in World War 2?

rachid's Answer . While Allied military leaders planned for invasion, scientists offered another way to end the war. Since the early 1900s, scientists had understood that m

Atomic bombing of World War 2?

There were two and they were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki named little boy and fat man.

What were the atomic bombs filled with in world war 2?

"Little Boy" was the bomb dropped first, on Hiroshima. It was a Uranium bomb, the nuclear material being Uranium-235. The bomb was not "filled" with it - there was only about

How many atomic bombs were made for World War 2?

Four were completed prior to Japan's surrender: . MK-III, Gadget; tested at Trinity site in NM . MK-I, Little Boy; dropped by the B-29 Enola Gay on Hiroshima . MK-III, Fa

What was the atomic bombs of World War 2?

Those were the only atomic bombs used against mankind. The one named Little boy was dropped over Hiroshima on august 6 1945. The one name Fat man was dropped over Nagasaki on

Why were atomic bombs significant during world war 2?

Because at the time only US had them & were prepared to drop 50 more if needed. 1 of those was equivalent to a full week of bombing runs. The Emperor was not about to let his
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Why was nagasaki and hiroshima atomic bombings the most significant part of world war 2?

These bombings were not the most significant part of WorldWar Two. However they were certainly spectacular & stunningevents that lead directly to the Japanese decision to su