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Why? Because people needed a way to store electricity. The battery was invented around 2,000 years ago if you believe the Baghdad battery discovered in 1936 was a real battery. The Voltaic battery was invented in 1780. The Rechargeable Lead Acid Automobile Battery we use today was invented in 1859.
i think they invented batteries because back then people did not have electricity and they needed some kind of elecricity that would power things and that would be helpful for light and that would be helpful for things that needed to be powered for electricity jessica lampmer 3rd grade
Batteries were made for electricity storage.

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Q: Why was the battery invented?
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Who invented the lithium battery?

who invented the first lithium battery ?

Who was the first person invented the battery?

Alessandro Volta invented the first battery and Gaston Planté invented the first rechargeable battery.

When was the solar battery invented?

The first solar battery was invented in 1954.

When was the battery invented?

In 1800 by Alessandro Volta.The electric battery invented was invented in 1839 and was set to be improved dramatically in the year of 1842. This made the battery at longer lasting and stronger.1800

Where was the battery invented?

Como, ItalyThe battery was invented by Antonio Volt in 1778, near the industrial revolution.

In what state was the electric battery invented?

The electric battery was invented in Maryland by a woman by the name of Alessandro Volta.

Who invented first battery alesandro volta or count volta?

Alessandro volta invented the first battery.

When was the first battery invented?

The first battery was invented around 1800 by an Italian scientist, Alessandro Volta.

Who was the inventor of battery?

Alessandro Volta invented the first battery.

Was the battery invented?


What was the name of the person who invented alkaline batteries?

The person who invented the alkaline battery was Lewis Urry. He invented both this battery and the lithium battery in the 1950s. These batteries were longer running and cheaper than their precursors.

Who invented the battery in may 1902?

There are different people who invented batteries. However, Prof. Ferdinand Porsche invented and patented a hybrid battery in May 1902.

Who discovered battery?

It was Alessandro Volta who invented the very first electric battery. He invented it in 1800 and called it the voltaic pile.

Who invented the battery charger that's battery powered?

George Jackson

When was the AA battery invented?


Which country was the battery invented?


When was battery discovered?

It was invented in1859.

Where was the alkaline battery invented?


Why was the alkaline battery invented?

becasue it was

What year was the battery invented?

It was invented by Alessandro Volta in the year of 1799.

When was the battery powered watch invented?

The first battery powered watch was invented in 1957. It was the Hamilton Electric 500, and is on display at the Smithsonian.

What year did alessandro volta invented the first electric battery?

Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist invented the Electric Battery in 1800.

Did Alexander Graham Bell invent the battery?

no he did not invent battery he invented telephone

Did George Washington Carver invent the battery?

Alessandro Volta invented the battery

Who invented the first battery?

Alesandro Volta invented the first battery.The first actual battery was invented by a man in Italy named Alessandro Volta in 1800. Volta was a physicist who was born in February of 1745 and died on March 5, 1827.