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What are the four major battle fought in South Carolina during the revolutionary war?

Charleston, Charleston again, Camden and Kings Mountain.

Which major Revolutionary battle was the first battle fought in a southern colony?

The first battle fought in the southern colonies during the American Revolution was the Battle of Charleston.

Where was the worst American defeat of the war?

The worst American defeat during the American Revolutionary War came at the Battle of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. The battle began on March 29 and ended on May 12, 1780.

What was the reason that the battle of Charleston started?

The Battle of Charleston started because Union ships attacked Charleston harbor during the Civil War. This was an important shipping lane and the Union soldiers wanted to remove supplies from the area.

Is the battle of Sullivan's island a battle during the revolutionary war?

Yes, the battle of Sullivan's island was during the Revolutionary war.

What was the battle of Charleston 1780?

A battle fought during the Revolutionary war pairinh the PAtriots and the British together. The British end up ou[tnumbering the PAtriot's 2 to 1 and they take the win.

Who the Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War?

The Battle of Saratoga during the American Revolutionary War was a victory for the American colonists. It is considered an important battle that gave the Americans a good degree of confidence against one of the best armies in the world.

When was the battle in Charleston during the American Revolution?

It was captured sometime during the 1780s.

Importance of the Battle of Bunker Hill?

It was the first battle of the Revolutionary War, and one of the most important colonial victories during the "Siege of Boston".

Which three states each had only one battle during the American revolutionary war?

Which three each had only one battle during the american revolutionary war.

What were the important battles during the Revolutionary War?

1) Lexington and concord (shot heard round the world) 2) saratoga (turning point) 3) the revolutionary (ending battle)

Revolutionary War words X Y?

Xavier Cathedral cemetery was the burial place for people who died in the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War. Yorktown (Virginia) was the scene of a battle during the Revolutionary War.

Revolutionary Word starting with O?

Orinsky. It was a name of a ship or battle during the revolutionary war

Who fought in the battle of saratoga?

This was a battle during the Revolutionary War, between the British and the Americans.

Who won the battle of Waxhaws during the revolutionary war?

The battle of Waxhaws was won by the british.

Who were the most important allies of the American colonists during the Revolutionary War?

The French were the most important allies to the colonies during the revolutionary war.

What was the most important event that happend during the Revolutionary War?

The Boston Tea Party was the most important event during the Revolutionary War.

Who won the battle of Boston during the Revolutionary War?

The colonists!

When did the quebec Battle start?

1775 during the revolutionary war

What happened during the Revolutionary war?

during the revolutionary war, there were several battles such as lexington and concord and the battle of bunker hill and the battle of trenton. the battle of lexington and concord was the first battle and the first shot was so called heard around the world

Where was the only major battle fought in North Carolina?

The Battle of Bentonville was the largest and most important battle of the Civil War fought in North Carolina. There was one battle during the Revolutionary War fought in North Carolina-- The Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

What city was besieged by the British Navy near the beginning of the American Revolutionary War?

The city of Boston, Massachusetts, was the scene of the opening of the American Revolutionary War; but June 28th, 1776 saw 'The Battle of Sullivan's Island' near Charleston, South Carolina, during which the British were driven off.

In which battle did Molly Pitcher fire a cannon?

During the Battle of Monmouth on 28 June 1778 during the American Revolutionary War.

What was the result of the battle of Yorktown during the revolutionary war?

to scared to fight

Where was the battle of the mammoth fought during the revolutionary war?

stupid site