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The battle of Elizabeth City effectively denied the Confederacy the use of the Dismal Swamp Canal for the remainder of the war. The Dismal Swamp and the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canals were the back door to Norfolk. With Hampton Roads in the possession of the Union, they offered the only water routes to Norfolk. Burnside's taking of Roanoke Island 2 days earlier also allowed the Union fleet to threaten Suffolk, where the railroad lines serving Norfolk ran. Within 3 months of losing these strategic locations, Norfolk was abandoned by the Confederates.

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Q: Why was the battle of Elizabeth City so important to the Civil War?
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When did Battle of Elizabeth City happen?

Battle of Elizabeth City happened on 1862-02-10.

Why was Vicksburg important to the civil war?

The city of Vicksburg was located in a pivotal area that made it important both to the union and to the Confederacy. The Confederacy lost of the battle of Vicksburg, which was a major loss.

How do you spell gettesyburg?

The correct spelling of the proper noun is Gettysburg, a city in southern Pennsylvania that was the site of a large and important battle of the US Civil War.

Where was the battle of Chatanooga during the civil war?

The battle of Chattanooga occurred near the Tennessee city of that name.

Where is the Battle Born Civil War Reenactors in Carson City Nevada located?

The address of the Battle Born Civil War Reenactors is: Po Box 1865, Carson City, NV 89702-1865

Where was the Battle of Mossy Creek of the Civil War fought?

Jefferson City, Tennessee

Is battle of atlanta part of the civil war?

Yes. General Sherman attacked and took the city after a bloody battle.

What was one of the most important battles of the US Civil War?

Although there were a good number of important US Civil War battles, the Battle of Gettysburg stands out as an extremely important one. The battle took three days and caused the largest number of casualties in the war. The battle caused over 50,000 casualties and ended the Southern threat to the capital city of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg.

Which city in Texas was an important port during the civil war?


What was the first Confederate city captured during the Civil War?

Originally I asked what was the first large Confederate city to fall in the US Civil War, however, this question may suffice. In terms of a major city, it would be the port city of New Orleans. This was important as it layat the mouth of the Mississippi River. Union Admiral Farragut was in charge of the victorius battle.

What was the significance of the Battle of New Orleans during the US Civil War?

The Battle of New Orleans was a major Union victory and Confederate loss. The Union was able to cut off this important port city, depriving the Confederacy of supplies to a certain extent.

Did the US Civil War Battle of Chickamauga take place in a town or city?

The US Battle of Chickamauga took place in and about the creek of the same name in Tennessee in 1863.It was a bloody battle with a Confederate victory. The nearest large city to the battle was Chattanooga, Tn.

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