Why was the colony of Maryland created?

Maryland was created as a haven for English Catholics, who were discriminated against at the time, . They settled in the Colony of Maryland to escape persecution under the hands of the Anglicans. You could lose your head or pay large fines until you were bankrupt for practicing your Catholic faith back in those days. Maryland was also founded to make a profit.

Lord Baltimore's father, Sir George Calvert, died before the colony he built could get underway. His son Cecil, Lord Baltimore, pushed on with the project.

Baltimore wanted Maryland to be a refuge where his fellow English Catholics could escape religious persecution.

The Calvert family moved to the colony of Maryland. They moved there for two reasons: first Newfoundland, Canada (first place Calvert's moved to) had rocky soil, cold climate, and was owned by France. The second reason is when they heard of this wonderful place called Maryland in which they wanted money even though they were already rich. When they got there there was warm climate and fertile rich soil.